Synonyms for Lift:


amend, bring in, pull, weight, abrogate, codify, decriminalize, amendment, criminalize, abolish, come in, backdate. double, multiply, add to, drive, increase, transportation, go through the roof, journey, passage, step up. exploit, utilize, draw on, go toward, consume, Uprear, fall back on, uphold, take up, apply, pick up, use. bonsai, deadhead, aerate, compost, cross-fertilize, feed, bed out, cross-pollinate, drill, take off. ditch, continue, law, eject, captain, make, down, buzz, recall, bank, come down. cheer, jump for joy, happy, animate, rejoice in, flush, buoy, inspirit, inspire, rejoice, brighten, live happily ever after, thrive on, look forward to, elate, be happy for someone, exhilarate, treasure. kick up. passenger, transfer passenger, hitchhiker, back seat driver, hitcher, seatmate, transit passenger, stowaway. bend, cower, balance, bestride, bow, crook, double over, burrow, crane, crouch. bannister, landing, ladder, banister, handrail, dumbwaiter, fire escape, escalator, flight. hump, schlep, be burdened with something, hold, shoulder. enrich, improve, remedy, optimization, revitalize, correct, improve on. gladden, do someone's heart good, excite, please, brighten (up) someone's day/life, bring a smile to your face/lips, make someone's day, hearten. break through, fickle, ease, break, brighten up, clear, close in, clear up, cloud. incline, bob your head, avert your eyes/gaze/head etc., duck, toss your head/hair back, motion, tilt, nod, toss. ascent (noun)
ascent, rising, ascension, escalation, levitation, mounting, uprising, elevation.
event (noun)
help, aid (noun)
support, assistance.
lift (noun)
elevator, annul, snarf, facelift, pinch, plagiarise, swipe, heave, nobble, rear, rise, come up, get up, reverse, rustle, pilfer, wind, move up, rhytidectomy, bring up, aerodynamic lift, elevate, plagiarize, countermand, go up, ski lift, face lifting, filch, revoke, repeal, purloin, raising, hoist, vacate, arise, cabbage, rescind, rhytidoplasty, sneak, raise, airlift, abstract, uprise, hook, elevation, ski tow, overturn, face lift.
support (noun)
transportation (noun)
drive, journey, passage.


aid (verb)
aid, assistance, support, help.
ascend (verb)
climb, levitate, ascend, elevate, escalade, rise, soar, float, mount, scale.
change (verb)
elevate (verb)
escalate, uplift, rear, erect, upraise, exalt, hoist, heighten, raise.
motion (verb)
bring up, elevate, get up, raise.
move upwards; ascend (verb)
climb, dissipate, raise, rise, upraise, move up, disperse, rear, erect, take up, come up, arise, elevate, uplift, bring up, mount, pick up, uphold, hoist, soar, Uprear.
promote, improve (verb)
steal (verb)
embezzle, extort, grab, steal, rustle, palm, holdup, mug, purloin, defraud, haul, swipe, swindle, cop, abstract, loot, pocket, pilfer, stickup, rob, blackmail, pinch, burglarize, hijack, shanghai, heist, fleece, filch, nip, hook, poach, plagiarize, shoplift, pirate, plunder.

Other synonyms:

improve, kick up, revitalize, fickle, brighten up, passenger, hitcher, stowaway, gladden, seatmate, improve on, transfer passenger, transit passenger. close in, Uprear, clear up, exhilarate, quaver, schlep, back seat driver, elate. enrich, inspirit, please, nod, remedy, buoy, uphold. break through, hump, motion, inspire, pick up, animate, take up. correct, shoulder, disperse, modulate, recall, dissipate. ease, flush, scatter. toss, tilt. choke. cloud. break. hold. clear. assistance
face lift.
get up.
pinch, purloin, swipe, shoplift.
Other relevant words:
clear, heave, arise, elate, elevator, pinch, uprise, flush, hook, purloin.

Usage examples for lift

  1. She tried to lift her hand to it, but her strength failed her. – The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins
  2. Let the lift alone, what are you doing, Hyrst? – The Legion of Lazarus by Edmond Hamilton
  3. Could I lift a finger to harm a mother that has lost her child? – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward