Synonyms for Go up:


attenuated, long, floor-length, come down, foreshortened, elongated, abbreviated, full-length. absenteeism, absence, drop out, board, attendance, entrance, audit, attend, enroll, enrollment. escalate, step up, soar, add to, increase, multiply, go through the roof. dark, opposite, method acting, dramatic, rep, in, acting, on. build, assemble, put up, put together, erect, construct, set up, throw up, extend. deafen, amplify, swell, go off, echo, deepen, reverberate, ring, fade. appearance, appear, reappear, loom, emergence, rear its (ugly) head, flash, emerge, resurface, take shape. catch, kindle, ignite, blaze, catch fire, flame, light. function, work, into operation, operate, cut in, play, cope, run. go up (noun)
draw near, near, climb, approach, mount, come-on, draw close, burn down, burn up, rise, climb up, come near.
increase (noun)


change (verb)
rise, climb.
climb (verb)
soar, escalate, rise, mount.
get on (verb)
climb, board.
motion (verb)
rise (verb)
build, swell, multiply, add to, deepen, double, go through the roof.

Other synonyms:

step up, multiply, add to, soar, erect, floor-length, escalate, opposite, elongated, put together, foreshortened, attenuated, abbreviated, method acting. build, acting, kindle, increase, assemble, construct, ignite, dark, full-length, long, swell, throw up, dramatic. put up, double, rep, flame. blaze, extend, set up. on, in. light. catch. come on
Other relevant words:
go off, soar, multiply, escalate, increase, loom, swell.