Synonyms for Zoom:


double, multiply, increase, add to, go through the roof, escalate, go up, raise, step up. get cracking, rip, barrel, hustle, fleet, dart, rocket, outpace, gallop, get a move on, be quick on your feet, haste, dash, zip, whirl, tear, flash, scoot, sail, rush, fly, go like lightning, sprint, race, speed, scour, flit, shoot, hasten, bustle, whisk, shake a leg, trot, hurry, bolt, make tracks, wing, hotfoot, make haste, move, hotfoot it, go like the wind, festinate, run, bucket, make time, highball, nip, pelt, run like the wind, charge. capture, blow up, fix, photograph, come out, pap, compose, develop, expose, focus. speed (noun)
hum, streak, rush, climb, soar like an airplane, hurry, rise, zip, climb like a homesick angel.
zoom (noun)
rapid growth, surge, soar upwards, rapid climb, zoom along, soar, soar up, whizz, whizz along.


move very quickly (verb)
hum, streak, dash, surge, fly, flash, whirl, tear, rocket, speed, shoot, dart, rush, rip, zip.

Other synonyms:

festinate, hasten. dart, rocket, hotfoot, bustle, whisk, flit, highball, rush, scoot. sail, sprint, rip. flash, tear, bucket. haste, hustle, hurry, fleet, whirl, nip. bolt, dash. fly, run. shoot. buzz
make time, run like the wind.
make haste.
go through the roof.
get a move on.
Other relevant words:
get cracking, run, rise, make haste, speed, dart, sprint, gallop, haste, flash, bucket, increase, tear, highball, rip, make tracks, bustle, hasten, nip, hustle, trot, run like the wind, barrel, shake a leg, hotfoot it, whirl, zip, hum, go like lightning, hotfoot, dash, go like the wind, charge, scoot, flit, wing, pelt, fly, make time, climb, rocket, get a move on, sail, whisk, bolt, rush, shoot, race, fleet, hurry, streak, festinate, scour.

Usage examples for zoom

  1. By the end of February, most of the plenipotentiaries thought it safe to request the appearance of the States- General at Bergen- op- Zoom – History of the United Netherlands, 1609 by John Lothrop Motley