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flounder - 147 results
Other synonyms:

galumph, have no conception of something, coelacanth, shamble, plod, not know where/which way to turn, lumber, tramp, incur, misinterpret, fumble, be in dire/desperate straits, struggle, limp, thrive, bream, mistake, flog, go through, hesitate, stump, convulse, stomp, convulsion, fudge, endure, clomp, slough, fidgety, come under, not have a clue, bloater, lose your grip (on something), miss the point, distribute, misconstrue, keel, misunderstand, get someone wrong, brill, contort, shuffle, trudge, wallow, be unclear about/as to something, reel, jerk, bungle, be in the grip of something, swag, trudge, tromp, careen, scuffle, move, welter, lump, dab, fit, slog, scuff, pound, flail, fumble, suffer, muddle, bumble, barge, plod, undergo, flog, fidget, toss, be (caught/stuck) between a rock and a hard place, lurch, stamp, stagger, wallow, clump, contortion.

Examples of usage:

And then, finally, Mr. Diston persuaded Dean Drone to come, and as soon as Mr. Smith and Alphonse saw him they landed him with a fried flounder that even the apostles would have appreciated. - "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town", Stephen Leacock.

" Come," said the Fisherman, " there is no need for so many words about it-- a fish that can talk I should certainly let go, anyhow," with that he put him back again into the clear water, and the Flounder went to the bottom, leaving a long streak of blood behind him. - "Household Tales by Brothers Grimm", Grimm Brothers.

" Well," said the wife, " if you won't be King, I will; go to the Flounder, for I will be King." - "Household Tales by Brothers Grimm", Grimm Brothers.

Similar words:

southern flounder, Righteye Flounder, Righteyed Flounder, summer flounder, Blackback Flounder, flouter, flounce, floater, flodden.

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