Synonyms for Expand:


asset, brokerage, account, Broking, capacity, beauty parade, business plan, cannibalize, business, book. build, count, project, rise, snowball, build up, add up, escalate, assess, determine, proliferate, estimate, reckon, upsurge, run up, wax, calculate, soar, beef up, mount, compute, prove. define, illustrate, clarify, put across, lay out, set out, run-through, labor, interpret, explain. outgrow, wax and wane, mature, move, Outstretch, double, fan, unroll. bulk out, scale up. permeate, sprawl, spill over, distribute, pervade. expand (noun)
blow up, enlarge, spread-out, prosper, flesh out, exposit, boom, amplify, flourish, dilate, get ahead, lucubrate, extend, elaborate, expatiate, thrive, expound.


accumulate (verb)
aggrandize (verb)
boost, augment.
amplify (verb)
raise, add.
augment (verb)
reinforce, build.
boom (verb)
thrive, flourish.
change (verb)
expand (verb)
heighten, amplify, unroll, engorge, widen, build up, magnify, broaden, blow up, expound, unfurl, extend, multiply, enlarge, spread, mount, elaborate, inflate, thicken, fatten, flesh out, upsurge, expatiate, wax, burgeon, dilate, increase, swell, lengthen, distend, grow, beef up, develop, stretch, prolong.
extend (verb)
prolong, elongate.
increase (verb)
augment, boost, raise, reinforce, accrue, grow, increase, widen, enlarge, multiply, elevate, inflate, heighten, fatten, extend, lengthen, amplify, maximize, magnify, advance, broaden, upgrade, increment, burgeon, add.
lengthen (verb)
extend, stretch, prolong, elongate, lengthen.
thicken (verb)
broaden, thicken, widen.

Other synonyms:

scale up, upsurge, bulk out. escalate, snowball, wax, Outstretch. proliferate, soar, unroll. build up, mount, outgrow. rise. build. mature. double. bloom
snowball, boost.
open up
spread out
unfurl, spread-out.

Usage examples for expand

  1. At length Broad ceased to expand drew a deep breath that made the whole forest tremble, and shrank into his usual size. – The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
  2. By homestead, hut, and shearing- shed, By railroad, coach, and track- By lonely graves of our brave dead, Up- Country and Out- Back: To where 'neath glorious clustered stars The dreamy plains expand My home lies wide a thousand miles In the Never- Never Land. – Joe Wilson and His Mates by Henry Lawson
  3. By the effort to expand this area of irrigation, the way was prepared for a considerable increase in the total population. – History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 12 (of 12) by S. Rappoport