Synonyms for Boost:


leap, development, upswing, turnaround, self-improvement, a change for the better/worse, step change, makeover, improvement. explosion, spurt, growth, surge, addition. heave, hoist, uphold, double, go up, take up, pick up, uplift, Uprear, rear, go through the roof, add to, upraise. build up, good, mount, run up, virtue, swell, advantage, build, wax, soar, upsurge, trump card, asset, snowball, benefit, edge, proliferate, beef up, aggrandize, merit, escalate, privilege. up, plunder, mug, rob, burgle, run away with, jack, help yourself to something, jump, loot, steal, walk off with. ascend, aid, assist, kick up, relieve, succor, abet, help. hype, please, do someone's heart good, publicize, enhance, bring a smile to your face/lips, ballyhoo, plug, excite, brighten (up) someone's day/life, tout, talk up, hearten, knowledge, make someone's day, puff, gladden. solicit, woo, drum up, hawk, scalp, pitch. act (noun)
aid (noun)
assistance, encouragement, help, aid.
boost (noun)
rise, encouragement, advance, supercharge, promote, hike up, hike, further, cost increase, encourage.
encouragement (noun)
help, aid, assistance.
increase (noun)
improvement, wax, increment, upgrade, jump, hike, addition, advance, raise, rise, up.
push, usually up (noun)
heave, hoist.


aid (verb)
help, aid, assistance.
further, improve (verb)
encourage, plug, promote, assist.
increase (verb)
broaden, advance, accrue, amplify, fatten, grow, expand, beef up, extend, add, increase, inflate, reinforce, widen, magnify, burgeon, heighten, increment, augment, lengthen, add to, maximize, raise, upgrade, multiply, enlarge, aggrandize, elevate.
motion (verb)
hike, hike up.
push, usually up (verb)
heighten, upraise, Uprear, elevate.

Other synonyms:

makeover, step change, drum up, improvement, upsurge, self-improvement. hoist, snowball, publicize, assist, woo, wax, upraise, heave, tout, Uprear, solicit, upswing, ballyhoo, escalate. hawk, soar, uplift, proliferate, uphold, aggrandize, abet. puff, help, mount. enhance, relieve, growth, scalp, build up. build. jump. pitch. add
hike up, run up.
Uprear, up, upraise.
beef up.
Other relevant words:
explosion, tout, talk up, mount, swell, plug, improvement, build up, scalp, supercharge, help, turnaround, hike, go up, enhance, loot, leap, pitch, uplift, add to, snowball, solicit, burgle, upsurge, Uprear, jump, wax, good, hoist, knowledge, encouragement, build, further, assist, addition, assistance, escalate, soar, privilege, run away with, asset, growth, rob, merit, gladden, hawk, beef up, plunder, publicize, promote, aggrandize, encourage, jack, edge, upswing, hype, cost increase, rear, up, succor, heave, double, spurt, uphold, development, proliferate, upraise, woo, mug, aid, walk off with, rise, ballyhoo, relieve, puff, advantage, hike up, makeover, virtue, hearten, excite, surge, steal, benefit, please, ascend, self-improvement, abet.

Usage examples for boost

  1. Our friend Chennevieres gave me a good boost – The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters by George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie
  2. Then I'll give you a boost to get over the fence there. – For the Sake of the School by Angela Brazil
  3. " Here's something to boost up now," said Marjorie, who had spied Jane coming across the fields, with what was undoubtedly a tray of refreshment. – Marjorie's Vacation by Carolyn Wells