Synonyms for Speed:


haste, expedition, promptness, briskness, brake fluid, readiness, brake pad, headway, promptitude, eagerness, ABS, precipitation, momentum, activity, legerity, automatic transmission, bat, urgency, liveliness, acceleration, precipitancy, breeze, dispatch, antilock braking system, Air brake, bottom gear, clip, rate, brake, snap, steam, agility, alternator. coke, angel dust, anabolic steroid, cocaine, fleetness, cannabis, Rapidness, expeditiousness, Charlie, Class A drug, acid, controlled substance, Speediness. boom, camcorder, celluloid, digicam, camera, Asa, developer, aperture, cartridge, darkroom. box in, bus, carry, change down, bypass, buckle up, block in, back up, car pool, carve up. fly, dart, surge, be quick on your feet, outpace, charge. hurry-up, hasten to do something, whiz through, toss off, gallop through, force through, zip through, not hang around, sail through. stride, jog. haste (noun)
fleetness, Speediness, Rapidness.
rate of motion, often a high rate (noun)
headway, haste, quickness, promptness, swiftness, eagerness, activity, readiness, expedition, legerity, fleetness, precipitation, promptitude, celerity, liveliness, steam, precipitancy, briskness, momentum, hustle, snap, urgency, alacrity, pace, clip, velocity, agility, breeze, Rapidness, acceleration, rapidity.
speed (noun)
hurry, belt along, pep pill, gallop, rate, pace, velocity, rush, quicken, celerity, focal ratio, hurrying, accelerate, alacrity, bucket along, swiftness, amphetamine, impetus, quickness, race, pelt along, hasten, speed up, zip, fastness, cannonball along, hie, rush along, upper, travel rapidly, f number, speeding, stop number, hotfoot, rapidity.
time (noun)


hasten (verb)
hurry, bustle, hasten, urge, rush, expedite, flurry, accelerate, hustle, push, quicken, spur.
move along quickly (verb)
expedite, fly, hurry, urge, gallop, rush, race, dispatch, hasten, quicken.
speed (verb)

Other synonyms:

haste, expeditiousness, Speediness, Rapidness. dart, stride, outpace. momentum, expedition. jog. surge, steam. dispatch. fly. charge. hasten
Other relevant words:
haste, stride, dart, clip, hotfoot, precipitancy, expeditiousness, breeze, focal ratio, agility, dispatch, charge, liveliness, race, tempo, speeding, f number, fly, stop number, promptness, fast, rush along, zip, urgency, cocaine, headway, jog, bring, carry, promptitude, briskness, amphetamine, precipitation, coke, fleetness, snap, boom, readiness, bat, steam, angel dust, activity, momentum, surge, acceleration, upper, fastness, Rapidness, hurrying, bucket along, Speediness, eagerness, pelt along, hie, travel rapidly, cannonball along, expedition, rate, pep pill, legerity, belt along, speed up.

Usage examples for speed

  1. You will like Speed better the more you know him. – From Whose Bourne by Robert Barr
  2. Off with you, and back with all speed – The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay by Maurice Hewlett
  3. As she turned on to the London road, she changed into second speed – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates