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slow (verb)

plod, trudge, loiter, poke, hinder, creep, delay, linger, drag, crawl, dawdle, retard.

Other synonyms:

deadening, busy, after, tame, slow-witted, inactive, easily, brainless, prolonged, unsmart, slow down, extended, bubbleheaded, monotonous, unexciting, long-play, faint, tiresome, soggy, drab, deliberate, subdued, easy, sluggish, jading, drawn-out, developer, slowly, moderate, dense, dilatory, silent, loath, dim-witted, soft, harmonic, chuckleheaded, mute, slack, classical, steady, heavy, thick, sharp, half-witted, jejune, inactive, lagging, stale, dallying, dilatory, ahead, largo, minimize, humdrum, oafish, tight, purblind, laggard, dunderheaded, around, thudding, old, ASA, delaying, unwilling, pokey, crawling, long, poky, wispy, fast, irksome, retard, decompress, diligent, senseless, slow-paced, lingering, stagnant, poking, dreary, time, boneheaded, slack off, wordy, lower, stolid, simple, stuffy, feeder, thickheaded, arid, negligent, bleak, silly, two-way, pinheaded, procrastinating, feeble-minded, long-winded, softheaded, moderato, stodgy, acoustic, averse, dull, imperceptible, a.m., tardy, tiring, bass, dillydallying, lentissimo, lazy, bumper-to-bumper, supine, boring, lento, trivial, knuckleheaded, ability, halve, belatedly, check, unintelligent, gormless, long-playing, monochromatic, drudging, brake, slacken, behindhand, half-hour, black, reluctant, verbose, uninteresting, slow-going, adagio, overdue, coffee machine, alert, ho-hum, impenetrable, let up, sluggish, loosen up, weary, slow-moving, brain-dead, impassable, reduce, tedious, dim, witless, abeyant, opposed, bonehead, cut back, moderate, backward, dreamy, empty-headed, mind-numbing, birdbrained, throttle back, at, decrease, remit, tardily, shadowy, barbecue, immediate, dusty, for some time, barbie, potential, drowsy, remiss, passable, sulky, snail-paced, decelerate, flat, dragging, stupid, andante, opaque, indisposed, aperture, discordant, deliberate, long-term, idle, simple-minded, camcorder, die away, relax, camera, in arrears, digicam, slake, off, dawdling, down, cooker, abate, unbend, sedate, harmonious, idiotic, top-slice, arterial, numbing, quiet, erode, wearisome, slack up, grind to a halt, ease off, broiler, drawling, trim down, gradual, darkroom, larghetto, belated, snaillike, gradual, shrivel, pedestrian, lunkheaded, bluesy, colander, latent, cartridge, hesitant, slow up, colorless, slow-footed, windy, airheaded, one-way, inert, never-ending, coffee maker, enduring, vacuous, increase, vague, measured, dumb, tardy, burner, forward, atonal, passive, boom, funky, celluloid, dormant, fatuous, weak-minded, wearying, disinclined, muffled, dry, lasting, late, delayed, beater, uninspired, constant, softened, muted, stately, slack, swift, dull, larghissimo, speechless, dimmed, behind, obtuse, blender, unwind, on and on, behind time, mindless, dawdling, lamebrain, about, dorky.

Examples of usage:

He got up, and even made one slow step towards the door; but he did not go out, nor did he seem afraid of me. - "A Witch of the Hills, v. 1-2", Florence Warden.

But he'll be slow to part wi' other things, too. - "Between You and Me", Sir Harry Lauder.

You'll find it rather- rather slow at the school, won't you? - "The Varmint", Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger.

Similar words:

slow down, Slow Loris, slow up, slow-moving, slow-witted, slow-wittedness, slow time scale, slot, slot machine.

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