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Other synonyms:

out-and-out, spearhead-shaped, dull, oblong, airheaded, gander, stone, dope, elliptic, tomfool, ingenuous, mean, homely, acuminate, dewy, kidney-shaped, blooming, humble, thick-witted, total, round-eyed, deictic, damned, acerose, ready, manageable, dolabriform, swordlike, lanceolate, real, don't remind me, fluid, cuneate, truthful, hands-down, ding-dong, lowly, obtuse, simplex, arrant, unknowing, untaught, nondescript, undemanding, naive, cretin, dim, unblended, skip it, definite, ass, thoroughgoing, naïf, simplistic, very, flat-out, unworldly, stupid, thickheaded, unqualified, unproblematic, downright, conditional, collective, silly, straight-out, unornamented, linear, analphabetic, unvarnished, mundane, idiotic, idiot, normal, lamebrain, bonehead, painless, dense, ninny, peltate, doltish, inane, apiculate, half-witted, apparent, personal, transparent, birdbrained, acerate, unaffected, dunderheaded, green, dull, jerk, slow-witted, natural, blank, brain-dead, perish the thought, imbecile, aw-shucks, feminine, convenient, needlelike, irreproachable, hastate, upstanding, shallow, nonliterate, unanalyzable, witless, schmuck, oblanceolate, bladelike, jackass, dolabrate, spatula-shaped, nitwit, oafish, standard, downhill, benighted, crashing, perfoliate, sagittiform, unassuming, softhead, deltoid, light, wedge-shaped, vacuous, unmitigated, dopey, fool, fine, unread, pandurate, damn, unlettered, puzzling, unsuspicious, among, categorical, spartan, goof, feeble-minded, mild, sincere, consummate, modest, corporate, perfect, manifest, moron, orbicular, needle-shaped, sagittate, functional, rude, lunkheaded, chuckleheaded, unbiased, dead, opaque, weak-minded, understandable, unostentatious, wide, routine, no reason, undecorated, commonplace, complex, nincompoop, all-out, unconditional, childly, senseless, knuckleheaded, snap, pinheaded, uncritical, turkey, simplified, sheer, boneheaded, modest, ovate, elongate, aboveboard, flat, make sense, simple-minded, declarative, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), utter, dorky, Midland, backward, simpleminded, ultimate, heart-shaped, obovate, lancelike, dreadful, principled, plainly, unaffected, sword-shaped, absolute, schmo, inflected, unlobed, unprejudiced, shield-shaped, plain-vanilla, mere, frequentative, fair, uninstructed, trouble-free, panduriform, common, spatulate, ability, unmixed, rank, ensiform, distributed, wide-eyed, lyrate, saucer-eyed, profound, deadly, cordate, don't ask, mooncalf, plumb, dim-witted, it's a long story, good, dip, undecomposable, bubbleheaded, royal, unsmart, caudate, soft, regular, slow, bodacious, thick, outright, orbiculate, primitive, genuine, softheaded, grammatical, retarded, naked, unsuspecting, goose, gormless, unsubdivided, unpretending, unremarkable, cheap, everyday, compound, uneven, dry, unschooled, fiddle-shaped, arrow-shaped, dewy-eyed, reniform, simply, cotton-picking, nerd, acicular, thorough, unstudied, obscure, unreserved, true, evident, clear-cut, unwary, unexceptional, fatuous, unembellished, open, simpleton, dark, untutored, guileless, impartial, dumb, oversimplified.

Examples of usage:

" Not that simple," Chahda said. - "The Golden Skull", John Blaine.

They smiled at each other as though to say, " A simple fellow, isn't he?" - "Men Called Him Master", Elwyn Allen Smith.

Henry's work was simple enough. - "The Emancipation of Massachusetts", Brooks Adams.

Similar words:

simple machine, simple microscope, simple mindedness, simple regression, simple sugar, simple-minded, simply, simplex, simper, simal.

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