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Other synonyms:

round-eyed, ability, childly, good, unpretending, dorky, senseless, dim-witted, unmixed, linear, bonehead, fatuous, chuckleheaded, spartan, thorough, normal, oversimplified, dumb, dull, simpleton, all-out, mooncalf, plumb, plainly, thick, cordate, uneven, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), routine, open, schmo, stone, personal, bladelike, straight-out, dewy-eyed, fair, manageable, modest, outright, ultimate, unornamented, inflected, goose, caudate, dewy, unsuspecting, Midland, turkey, rank, deltoid, simpleminded, total, kidney-shaped, spatula-shaped, reniform, needlelike, dark, unaffected, sincere, airheaded, ready, jackass, weak-minded, perish the thought, shield-shaped, obtuse, sheer, uncritical, needle-shaped, grammatical, no reason, dunderheaded, natural, wide, unqualified, swordlike, unsubdivided, green, unvarnished, unsuspicious, consummate, among, dreadful, skip it, declarative, cheap, unproblematic, functional, lyrate, utter, thoroughgoing, dolabriform, ensiform, lamebrain, fluid, ovate, unreserved, tomfool, elliptic, thickheaded, moron, gander, unremarkable, it's a long story, mundane, mean, damned, unembellished, dull, stupid, impartial, fine, common, elongate, unblended, understandable, guileless, witless, unstudied, spearhead-shaped, undecomposable, pinheaded, apparent, make sense, mere, light, simplistic, sword-shaped, retarded, shallow, simplified, untaught, dopey, don't remind me, unlobed, idiotic, plain-vanilla, unlettered, damn, unbiased, undemanding, panduriform, trouble-free, downhill, doltish, cotton-picking, boneheaded, peltate, crashing, compound, hands-down, dip, flat-out, principled, unexceptional, evident, slow, uninstructed, wide-eyed, unsmart, blooming, primitive, mild, nonliterate, dope, naive, aw-shucks, unaffected, softhead, oblong, feminine, idiot, gormless, out-and-out, simplex, arrant, puzzling, wedge-shaped, lancelike, obscure, truthful, lunkheaded, unassuming, ingenuous, unread, fiddle-shaped, upstanding, absolute, benighted, regular, ding-dong, acicular, jerk, fool, softheaded, untutored, pandurate, dense, true, convenient, nondescript, irreproachable, perfect, real, lowly, slow-witted, dead, backward, definite, heart-shaped, ninny, half-witted, brain-dead, manifest, oblanceolate, analphabetic, nerd, bodacious, unknowing, goof, silly, complex, unostentatious, deadly, naïf, sagittiform, commonplace, conditional, acerate, standard, arrow-shaped, sagittate, profound, distributed, nitwit, flat, rude, acuminate, schmuck, humble, dim, feeble-minded, unschooled, thick-witted, inane, corporate, lanceolate, saucer-eyed, knuckleheaded, painless, modest, royal, snap, transparent, opaque, homely, nincompoop, hastate, oafish, unanalyzable, downright, very, apiculate, orbiculate, don't ask, spatulate, frequentative, imbecile, deictic, dolabrate, unmitigated, everyday, collective, acerose, clear-cut, soft, perfoliate, genuine, simply, simple-minded, naked, cuneate, bubbleheaded, orbicular, cretin, ass, unconditional, unworldly, vacuous, obovate, birdbrained, aboveboard, undecorated, unprejudiced, categorical, blank, unwary, dry.

Examples of usage:

" Not that simple," Chahda said. - "The Golden Skull", John Blaine.

They smiled at each other as though to say, " A simple fellow, isn't he?" - "Men Called Him Master", Elwyn Allen Smith.

Henry's work was simple enough. - "The Emancipation of Massachusetts", Brooks Adams.

Similar words:

simple machine, simple microscope, simple mindedness, simple regression, simple sugar, simple-minded, simply, simplex, simper, simal.

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