Synonyms for Help:


guide, nurse, get through, help out, get behind. ancillary, administrative assistant, ally, staff, advance person, acolyte, accomplice. nurture, get past, maintenance, promote, make for, nourishment. hand over, yield, distribute, part with, boost. upgrade, improve, field, clip art, autosave, clipboard, automatic hyphenation, edit, ameliorate, autoflow, amend, bug, browse mode, meliorate, file format. optimization, improve on, correct, revitalize, enhance, enrich. aid (noun)
ministration, sustenance, endowment, service, attendant, assistance, facilitation, relief, encouragement, agency, motivation, Mothering.
assistance (noun)
cooperation, guidance, advice.
assistance, relief (noun)
avail, support, sustenance, cure, service, maintenance, benefit, assist, helping hand, aid, hand, cooperation, remedy, advice, comfort, guidance, nourishment, succor.
assistant (noun)
helpmate, lieutenant, helper.
employee (noun)
helper, ally, assistant, attendant, worker, helpmate, servant, supporter, deputy, aide, auxiliary.
follower (noun)
help (noun)
helper, contribution, facilitate, assistant, help oneself, assistance, serve, avail, assist, aid, supporter, a good/bad turn, service, buddy system.
maid (noun)
housemaid, handmaiden.
relief (noun)
easement, respite, consolation, remedy, assuagement, appeasement, cure, mildness, comfort, alleviation, mercy, solace.
servant (noun)
lieutenant, peon, deputy, servant, aide, subject, menial, aide-de-camp, auxiliary, agent, pawn, assistant, underling, employee, helping hand, worker, helpmate, junior, hand, laborer, henchman, helper, serf, volunteer, flunky, vassal, chattel, subordinate.
servants (noun)
footman, domestic service, cabin boy, handmaiden, houseboy, butler, amah.


aid (verb)
tend, minister, abet, endow, boost, assist, encourage, support, foster, mother, aid, benefit, serve, fund, motivate, relieve, sustain, facilitate, attend, cooperation.
aid, assist (verb)
promote, relieve, abet, serve, sustain, encourage, uphold, boost, back, further.
assist (verb)
favor, uphold, back, succor, avail.
benefit (verb)
contribute, further, better, do good, advance.
consumption (verb)
give (verb)
lavish, assign, award, allow, extend, supply, render, provide, impart, present, dole, furnish, give, bequeath, submit, bestow, ascribe, disburse, deliver, tender, grant, lend, ration, attribute, offer, share, shower, donate, devote, send, pledge, pay, allot, dispense, consign, expend.
improve (verb)
better, meliorate, facilitate, amend, ameliorate, attend, alleviate, ease.
relieve (verb)
console, lull, alleviate, ease, appease, assuage.
serve (verb)

Other synonyms:

hand over, part with, ally, promote, revitalize, get through, get past, get behind, ancillary, guide. yield, bug. facilitate
buddy system, contribution.
Other relevant words:
promote, boost.

Usage examples for help

  1. He couldn't help himself. – Corpus of a Siam Mosquito by Steven Sills
  2. Yu can't help o'it! – A Poor Man's House by Stephen Sydney Reynolds
  3. How can I help if I do not understand? – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey