Synonyms for Hamper:


squeeze out, pannier, cut into, kill off, stamp out, interfere with, laundry box, suppress, shut off. tie down, limit, bind, fence in, pen in, infringe, control. coat hanger, clothesline, clothes hanger, clotheshorse, detergent, clothes hoist, fabric softener, dolly, clothespin. artifact (noun)
trammel, bond, shackle.
basket (noun)
clothes hamper, clothes basket, basket, bin, washbasket, bushel, bassinet.
basket for storage (noun)
bassinet, pannier.
container (noun)
hamper (noun)
hinder, halter, bond, cramp, shackle, trammel, trammels, strangle, handicap.
laundry basket (noun)
clothes hamper.


change (verb)
strangle, cramp, halter.
competition (verb)
handicap, hinder.
de-motivate (verb)
stifle, depress, daunt, dampen, throttle, dissuade, disincline, dishearten, de-motivate, discourage.
disable (verb)
screw up, anesthetize, benumb, neutralize, incapacitate, paralyze, abrogate, scotch, handicap, lame, dull, stun, tamper, vitiate, cramp, stupefy, prostrate, invalidate, hamstring, undermine, enfeeble, botch, weaken, impair, deaden, hobble, cripple, disarm, sap, hinder, disable.
hinder (verb)
oppose, delay, check, complicate, inhibit, burden, constipate, encumber, detain, entrap, drag, clog, bar, stay, constrain, deter, curb, bottleneck, fetter, jam, mire, interrupt, baffle, foul, congest, counter, snarl, choke, tangle, snag, bung, frustrate, block, restrict, catch, entangle, stop, obstruct, resist, crimp, plug, dam, impede, restrain, thwart, brake.
impede, restrict (verb)
restrain, hamstring, hog-tie, hobble, hinder, clog, bind, frustrate, fetter, leash, inhibit, baffle, obstruct, entangle, interfere with, block, check, thwart, bar, handicap, curb, encumber, tie, trammel, shackle, cramp.

Other synonyms:

infringe, fence in, pen in, hog-tie. tie down. limit. chain, leash. tie. bind. control. restrain
tie down.
Other relevant words:
pannier, shackle, leash, manacle, shut off, interfere with, limit, control, canister, chain, suppress, trammel, hog-tie, bind, tie down, trammels, strangle, handcuff, halter, tie, can, bond.

Usage examples for hamper

  1. " There ain't no hamper sir," he said. – The Mysterious Shin Shira by George Edward Farrow
  2. They make it impossible for their victims to do a great many things that other people do readily, and sadly hamper their wills. – Health Through Will Power by James J. Walsh
  3. Call her a Harvest Hamper and braid her lovely locks with strings of onions! – The Green Satin Gown by Laura E. Richards