Synonyms for Loose:


all (adjective)
chaotic (adjective)
embroiled, insane, indefinite, discomposed, out of control, confused, deranged, incoherent, irregular, inexact, anarchical, disorganized, rambunctious, muddled, messy, shapeless, obscure, undisciplined, disordered, frantic, anarchistic, tempestuous, lax, fuzzy, lawless, chaotic, disorderly, frenzied, jumbled, disheveled, deformed, blurry, tumultuous, unruly, perturbed, disarrayed, uneven, amorphous, formless, inchoate, indistinct, wild, inconsistent, Disintegrated, disconnected, cluttered.
comfortable (adjective)
free (adjective)
on the loose, at liberty, independent.
inattentive (adjective)
incoherent (adjective)
unconsolidated, nonuniform, broken, dispersed, divergent, nonadhesive, disconnected, sporadic, lax, disarticulated, non-cohesive, incoherent, disjointed, fuzzy, noncontiguous, inconsistent, discontinuous, detached.
indefinite, vague (adjective)
indistinct, random, remiss, disordered, obscure.
liberated (adjective)
liberated, free, Disengaged, emancipated.
loose (adjective)
discontinuous, detached, flaccid, non-adherent, non-coherent, broken, lax, disconnected, non-cohesive, disjointed, incoherent, slack, unfastened, nonadhesive, inconsistent, disarticulated, unattached, limp.
promiscuous (adjective)
dissolute, out of control, lewd, light, libertine, disreputable, fast, unchaste, careless, wanton.
slack (adjective)
lax, tolerant, anarchic, nihilistic, slack, free.


brief, button-down, backless, casual, A-LINE, boot-cut, best, Clingy, button-through. shake off restraint, flee, impromptu, escape, instinctive, involuntary, unintended, arbitrary, accidental, spontaneous, by accident, coincidental. complacent, like a bull in a china shop, perfunctory, remiss, relaxed, complacency, lackadaisical, slipshod, careless, tighten. unrestrained, brandish, defuse, armorer, deploy, detonation, duel, armament, arm, draw, unconfined, armed. autonomous, self-supporting, voluntary, self-sufficient, Whorish, libertine, what you/they will, self-reliant, by choice, independent, fast. basketball, handball, beach ball, bowling ball, birdie, baseball, bat, football, ball, golf ball. detailed, edited, blow-by-blow, elaborate, general, 101, descriptive, extensive, broad-brush. colorfast, Breathable, crisp, distressed, diaphanous, cellular, creased, fibrous, brushed, filmy. cause, give rise to something, bring on, invite, touch off, precipitate, inflict. philandering, womanizing, promiscuity. unsupported, free-floating. relax your grip/hold, loosen your grip/hold (on), get off, keep your hands off, let go (of someone/something), keep off. knotted, unfurl, knot. loose (noun)
liberal, release, promiscuous, inexact, wanton, flyaway, friable, open, sandy, relax, at-large, let loose, unconsolidated, unaffixed, sluttish, unconstipated, unbound, unleash, irresponsible, light, baggy, uncontrolled, slack, loosen, silty, easy, lax, loose-fitting, shifting, insecure, free, coarse, unfirm, unloosen, unchaste, idle, unloose, at liberty, liberate, on the loose, regular, unofficial, phlegmy, unpackaged, informal, escaped.
movable (noun)
movable, wobbly.
vague (noun)
random, vague.
wanton (noun)
dissolute, unrestrained, lewd, disreputable.

Other synonyms:

lewd, movable, bring on, promiscuity, Whorish, philandering, inflict, touch off, womanizing. unconfined, unrestrained, relaxed. knotted, unsupported, free-floating, keep off, undone. precipitate, wobbly, invite. cause. knot. get off. free
let loose.
Other relevant words:
escaped, careless, undone, wanton, unloosen, unloose, slipshod, easy, promiscuous, unrestrained, light, liberate, at liberty, unconnected, on the loose, remiss, relaxed, loosen, lewd, release, dissolute.

Usage examples for loose

  1. I'm all cut loose for to wrassle with the spruce, Way up where she can't find me. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  2. But I always had my dresses loose – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  3. A wild man running loose is dangerous. – The Best Psychic Stories by Various