Synonyms for Throttle:


brake pad, alternator, acceleration, ABS, brake fluid, antilock braking system, Air brake, bottom gear, brake, automatic transmission. burke, bump off, assassinate, restraint, massacre, take someone's life, dispatch, hold-down, hush, suppress, sit on, exterminate, squelch, quench, slaughter. disadvantage, inhibit, count against, breath, let down, bring up against, plague, embarrass, burden. liter, rich, flooded, Two-cycle, horsepower, drive, turbine, engine. artifact (noun)
throttle valve, accelerator.
starter (noun)
throttle (noun)
bound, accelerator pedal, accelerator, limit, gas pedal, trammel, choke, strangulate, gas, strangle, throttle valve, confine, restrict, gun, restrain.


change (verb)
choke (verb)
inhibit, stifle, strangulate, burke, suppress, strangle.
de-motivate (verb)
discourage, stifle, dishearten, disincline, dissuade, dampen, curb, frustrate, de-motivate, deter, daunt, depress, paralyze, hinder, hamper, impede.

Other synonyms:

turbine, Two-cycle, embarrass, count against, horsepower, burke, bring up against, disadvantage. hush, inhibit, liter, flooded. let down, squelch, engine. plague, quench, burden. rich. drive. Other relevant words:
accelerator, turbine, confine, bound, plague, let down, hush, restrict, quench, accelerator pedal, strangulate, brake, flooded, squelch, burden, burke, strangle, inhibit, throttle valve, drive, gas pedal, Two-cycle, suppress, gas, limit, gun, embarrass, engine, liter, sit on, trammel, restrain, choke.

Usage examples for throttle

  1. With my left hand, I threw the throttle wide open and with my right blew the signal agreed upon. – Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew by Robert McReynolds
  2. Do you mean to say, that you, who ought to be a man of sense, believe it possible that this delicate child could take a hale old gentleman by the throat and throttle him to death? – Sant' Ilario by F. Marion Crawford
  3. You illustrated in a remarkably clear way how you attempted to throttle her. – The Sweep Winner by Nat Gould