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bewilder - 224 results
Other synonyms:

mystify, quiver, drive, tick, upset, disturb, pose, tucker, stay put, confuse, sire, scram, stick, get, get down, sting, pay off, flip, hold fast, exhaust, wedge, wash up, cause, beat, jumble, bugger off, lodge, preoccupy, disconcert, set, come, start out, gravel, beat out, agitate, overreach, perplex, engender, bemuse, fetch, nonplus, switch, outsmart, foil, dizzy, shake up, capture, humble, get at, shed, draw, contract, throw, shake off, go, bring forth, shame, father, let, throw off, work over, project, produce, amaze, bond, bring, sit, irritate, rag, beget, stick to, obtain, experience, worry, buzz off, baffle, shell, raise up, cleave, tucker out, vex, acquire, stimulate, pulsate, thrust, besot, sustain, confound, start, thrum, annoy, discompose, flap, convey, complicate, fuddle, mother, set about, begin, addle, drop, commence, position, overawe, present, grow, bilk, cast off, ticktack, ticktock, fix, make, bother, muddle, hold, study at confuse, pay back, distract, vanquish, fox, arrive, frustrate, embarrass, outfox, bunk, chafe, stand by, circumvent, get to, feelings, induce, humiliate, cling, puzzle, stick around, deposit, suffer, maze, generate, flummox, abash, bedevil, mortify, get under one's skin, contrive, rile, stick by, find, stay, model, place, lay, incur, set out, take, hurl, muddy, bamboozle, thump, divert, cross, trounce, personate, stupefy, stir up, outwit, aim, dishearten, posture, beat up, catch, daunt, nark, adhere, thwart, bind, scotch, arrest, develop, clear, mix up, discombobulate, put, scramble, commove, disorient, devil, spoil, throw away, nettle, receive, befuddle, impersonate, pound, have, dumbfound, become, regulate, cohere, give, crush, cast, befog, buffalo, drum, chagrin.

Examples of usage:

In " Intentions" he enunciated serious problems which seemed constantly to contradict themselves, and he causes ourselves to ask questions which only bewilder and astonish. - "Oscar Wilde", Leonard Cresswell Ingleby.

All the furnishing and arrangements of this aristocratic apartment were calculated to dazzle the eye and bewilder the mind of one unaccustomed to such splendor. - "Madame Roland, Makers of History", John S. C. Abbott.

This kind of experience, further, comes often with a distinct shock, which may bewilder, confuse or trouble the mind. - "Oxford Lectures on Poetry", Andrew Cecil Bradley.

Similar words:

bewilders, bewildered, bewhisker, bewildering, Bewailed, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley.

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