Synonyms for Snag:


injure, stain, take its toll, mark, damage, hurt, knot, difficulty, disfigure, spoil, mar, harm. hardship, limited, disturbance, issue, nuisance, baggage, trouble, trials and tribulations, problem. blight, burn, blister, bruise, breakage, burnout, chip, blemish. crime, disincentive, cloud, deterrence, evil, blow, kiss of death, hammer blow, goad. complication in situation (noun)
clog, hitch, catch, brake, curb, blockade, impediment, barrier, crimp, hamper, problem, drawback, obstacle, bar, difficulty, knot, hurdle, obstruction, drag, disadvantage.
hindrance (noun)
damper, obstruction, constipation, barrier, blockage, stoppage, obstacle, drawback, impasse, encumbrance, hindrance, complication, inhibition, impediment, constraint, entrapment, blockade, restraint, entanglement, impedance, opposition, disadvantage, congestion, deterrent, hurdle, resistance, bafflement, interruption, frustration, restriction.
interruption (noun)
relief, hiatus, hitch, postponement, interval, suspension, interlude.
snag (noun)
rub, hang up, hitch.
tooth (noun)
canine, molar, cuspid, incisor, fang, tusk, tooth, bicuspid.


hinder (verb)
constrain, constipate, cripple, foul, frustrate, check, hamstring, congest, detain, hinder, stop, cramp, drag, entangle, block, resist, deter, encumber, delay, thwart, impede, plug, fetter, entrap, oppose, jam, hamper, inhibit, dam, handicap, obstruct, complicate, crimp, choke, mire, catch, tangle, interrupt, counter, curb, baffle, paralyze, clog, impair, restrain, snarl, burden, bar, brake, bottleneck, stay, bung, restrict.
interrupt (verb)
reprieve, break, pause, relieve, recess, suspend, postpone.

Other synonyms:

difficulty. knot, wall, barricade. traverse. hang-up
hang up.
Other relevant words:
trouble, barricade, wall, find, obtain, get, traverse, blemish, knot, hardship, gain, derive, problem, rub, disincentive, difficulty.