Synonyms for Profit:


edge, incentive, merit, privilege, trump card, virtue. accumulation, acquisition, aggrandizement, augmentation, come in handy, costs, interest, loss, pay off, repay, saving, take, rake off, be of use, be worth someone's while, come in useful, go a long way toward doing something, something has something to recommend it. help. get. account, use, used. acquisition (noun)
benefit (noun)
advantage, benefit, blessing, bonus, boon, favor, furtherance, gain, good, improvement, progress, promotion, prosperity, success.
gain (noun)
accumulation, acquisition, advantage, aggrandizement, augmentation, benefit, bottom line, earnings, gate, gross, income, interest, lucre, net, percentage, proceeds, receipt, receipts, remuneration, return, revenue, saving, take, use.
money (noun)
assets, balance sheet, bank note, bankroll, bill, bond, bullion, cash, change, check, coinage, copper, coupon, currency, dollar, dough, draft, funds, gold, greenback, gross, ingot, iou, issue, loot, lucre, money, money order, moolah, note, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, proceeds, promissory note, purse, receipts, scratch, silver, spending money, sterling, stock, swag, treasure, wad, wallet, wampum, wherewithal, ways and means, pounds.
profit (noun)
benefit, bottom line, earnings, gain, gross margin, gross profit, lucre, net, net income, net profit, percentage, profit margin, profits, turn a profit, operating profit.
receipt (noun)
compensation, credit, dividend, earnings, endowment, gate, net, receipt, remuneration, return, revenue, salary, wage.
wealth (noun)
affluence, asset, capital, estate, fortune, income, landslide, opulence, plenteousness, plenty, property, riches, sufficiency, wealth, worth, possessions, net worth, prosperousness.


gain; get or give an advantage (verb)
help, pay off.

Other synonyms:

bottom line, take, rake off. acquisition, use. repay. pay off. account. advantage
pay off.
gross margin, gross profit, percentage, profit margin, operating profit.
be of use.
Other relevant words:
account, accumulation, acquisition, aggrandizement, augmentation, get, gross profit, help, incentive, interest, merit, net income, net profit, pay off, percentage, profits, saving, take, trump card, turn a profit, use, be of use.

Usage examples for profit

  1. May I inquire just how you expect to profit by this transaction, Mr. Barnes? – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. What profit is it to us if he is now suffering, after we have suffered through him? – Human, All-Too-Human, Part II by Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. Pretty thick business between that precious pair, Mackenzie thought, and of a sort not likely to turn out of much profit to either them or anybody else. – The Flockmaster of Poison Creek by George W. Ogden