Synonyms for Rock:


acid jazz, bluegrass, background music, blues, ambient, ore, backup, mineral, backing, bebop, metal, bhangra, acid house. crystal, amethyst, chip, garnet, sliver, beryl, diamond, carbuncle, baguette, emerald, promontory, agate, pebble, aquamarine, flake. defense, foundation, bounce, support. startle, funk, terrify, intimidate, alarm, pop, dance, panic, chill, frighten, music, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, scare. toss, heave, sediment, stratum, bedrock, outcrop, roll, aquifer, repetition, steppingstone, pitch, bed. cavort, mosh, disco, cut in, jive, jig, boogie, gyrate. stand out, make a favorable impression (on someone), perturb, disturb, commend itself (to someone), ruffle, put someone/something in the shade, rattle, unsettle, be really/quite something, discompose, bother, be an inspiration to someone, flurry, make an impression, knock your socks off, take your breath away, distract, fluster, upset, disquiet, exceed (someone's) expectations. cliff (noun)
escarpment, cliff, crag, bluff, wall, boulder, reef, palisade, precipice.
dance (noun)
jive, boogie.
foundation (noun)
support, defense.
gemstone (noun)
music (noun)
music, bebop.
object (noun)
rock (noun)
metamorphic rock, granite, shake, limestone, stone, lava, marble, basalt, sway, rock candy, careen, rock music, magma, rock and roll, shale, chalk, cradle, obsidian, sandstone, igneous rock, tilt, sedimentary rock, rock 'n' roll.
rock-and-roll (noun)
rock and roll, rock 'n' roll, rock music.
stone (noun)
bedrock, mineral, reef, lava, metal, crag, pebble, promontory, gravel, ore, boulder.
substance (noun)


motion (verb)
sway, shake.
move back and forth (verb)
stagger, convulse, shake, tremble, wobble, pitch, sway, roll, oscillate, toss, vibrate, careen, undulate, heave, totter.
oscillate (verb)
stagger, vibrate, pulse, librate, tremble, seesaw, wag, radiate, sway, totter, beat, alternate, tick, oscillate, throb, vacillate, wobble, fluctuate, pulsate, teeter-totter, bob, undulate.

Other synonyms:

gravel, cavort, diamond, aquifer, stratum, bedrock, outcrop, meteorite, mosh. pinnacle, ruffle, bounce, shingle, discompose, sediment, fluster, toss, steppingstone, churn. distract, disco, perturb, gyrate, cut in, heave. disquiet, disturb, bed, rattle, bother, jig, dance, spar, unsettle, boogie. roll. jive. upset, pitch. disturb
teeter-totter, librate.
rock and roll.

Usage examples for rock

  1. " No," said Peter, " I won't go on, for it's running my horses on a rock – Jan and Her Job by L. Allen Harker
  2. He rose from his rock and offered his hand to help them off theirs. – Christopher and Columbus by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim
  3. A rock a foot across mighty near jarred my head! – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss