Synonyms for Deformity:


complaint, infection, contagion, disease, ailment, condition, epidemic, illness, sickness. beautiful. blemish (noun)
defacement, check, scar, freckle, scuff, scrape, mark, chip, abrasion, brand, hurt, wart, stigma, score, kink, flaw, scab, nick, weal, gash, fracture, fault, pockmark, mar, impurity, blot, slit, drawback, fleck, spot, rift, blemish, blister, hack, scratch, notch, distortion, speck, disfigurement, eyesore, splotch, spoilage, sore, stain, dot, lesion, tarnish, discoloration, defect, damage, imperfection, blotch.
deformity (noun)
contortion, corruption, asymmetry, disfigurement, bend, misshapenness, malformation, crookedness, lopsidedness, freakishness, disfiguration, perversity.
disfigurement, distortion (noun)
damage, malformation, contortion, irregularity, defacement, defect, crookedness, asymmetry, unsightliness, misshapenness, corruption.
disorder (noun)
disarrangement, confusion, derangement, messiness, dishevel, fuzziness, insanity, irregularity, laxity, commotion, amorphousness, inexactness, lawlessness, tumult, indistinctness, chaos, perturbation, looseness, incoherence, disorganization, disintegration, anarchy, disarray, disconnectedness, disorder, frenzy, obscurity, inchoateness, entropy, muddlement, shapelessness, disorderliness, mess, formlessness, clutter, turmoil, inconsistency, anarchism, unevenness, discomposure, indefiniteness.
malformation (noun)
unsightliness, deformation.
state (noun)
misshapenness, malformation.

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Other relevant words:
unsightliness, sickness, disfiguration, disease, contagion, deformation, beautiful, complaint, epidemic, infection, misshapenness, illness, ailment, malformation, condition.

Usage examples for deformity

  1. A meagre skeleton of visible deformity was all that remained. – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  2. I improved, however, sensibly in this science, but not sufficiently to follow up any kind of conversation, although I applied my whole mind to the endeavour, for I easily perceived that, although I eagerly longed to discover myself to the cottagers, I ought not to make the attempt until I had first become master of their language, which knowledge might enable me to make them overlook the deformity of my figure, for with this also the contrast perpetually presented to my eyes had made me acquainted. – Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley