Synonyms for Consumption:


saving, account, depletion, acquisition, caveat emptor, exhaustion, desolation, conspicuous consumption, charge card, devastation, wear and tear, brand loyalty, comparison-shop, credit, decay, loss, using, damage, waste, diminution, dispersion, charge account, dissipation, conservation, burning, ruin, destruction, misuse. application, give, implementation, wear, operation, exploitation, adoption, used. amoebic dysentery, bubonic plague, avian flu, tuberculosis, aids, bilharzia, health, Phthisic, chlamydia, black lung, the Black Death, bird flu, chickenpox. bite, bowlful, bowl, cake, bed, can, C, crumb, batch. eat, ingest, manage, try, take, have, consume, touch. act (noun)
intake, uptake, ingestion.
consumption (noun)
expenditure, phthisis, using up, usance, economic consumption, ingestion, uptake, use, pulmonary tuberculosis, intake, white plague, wasting disease, use of goods and services.
devouring; use (noun)
decay, loss, dissipation, diminution, burning, expenditure, exhaustion, eating, destruction, wear and tear, ruin, misuse, depletion, damage, dispersion, waste, using up, devastation, desolation.
eating (noun)
eating, gluttony.
gluttony (noun)
extravagance, gluttony, rapacity, immoderateness, excessiveness, avarice, omnivorousness, voraciousness, boundlessness, piggishness, overindulgence, hoggishness, Insatiability, indulgence, crapulence, greediness, intemperance.
meal (noun)
drink, bread, nutriment, taste, cuisine, lunch, meal, meat, foodstuff, repast, picnic, morsel, board, fare, barbecue, banquet, dinner, eating, food, feast, spread, grub, sustenance, breakfast, feed, snack, ingestion.
payment (noun)
tuberculosis (noun)
phthisis, tuberculosis, disease.

Other synonyms:

charge card, decay, exhaustion, charge account, bowlful, implementation, conspicuous consumption, comparison-shop, brand loyalty, destruction, tuberculosis, caveat emptor. application, exploitation. cake, credit, crumb, operation, bowl, adoption. account, batch. can, wear. bite. bed, C. exhaustion
Other relevant words:
adoption, damage, expenditure, misuse, devastation, burning, white plague, loss, use of goods and services, dispersion, depletion, consume, desolation, using up, crumb, bite, usance, diminution, pulmonary tuberculosis, economic consumption, batch, Phthisic, use, dissipation, operation, ruin, cake, decay, destruction, waste, wasting disease, exhaustion, using, phthisis, intake, application, bed, tuberculosis, wear and tear, bowlful, acquisition, uptake, implementation.

Usage examples for consumption

  1. Byng remembered Whalen's girl- stricken down with consumption a few months before. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker
  2. Recognizing that marginal utilities to individuals are essential to economic values of consumption goods, we shall have to point out other things which are also essential, and we shall have to explain the factors determining these marginal utilities themselves. – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.