Synonyms for Rind:


bed, cake, bite, can, crumb, C, batch, bowlful, bowl, consumption. covering (noun)
cortex, integument, crust, peel, bark, hull, shell, skin.
rind (noun)
skin, peel.
skin (noun)
dermis, leather, epidermis, membrane, cuticle, hide, pelt, skin.

Other synonyms:

crust, bark. Other relevant words:
bite, bruising, shell, bed, integument, juice, consumption, crust, cake, bowlful, hull, cortex, peelings, batch, cuticle, coating, dextrose, can, bowl, bark, C, nectar, surface, peel, flesh, pectin, crumb.

Usage examples for rind

  1. " Well," said Joey, " since you would Choose the bad and leave the good; Since you claimed the outer part, And disdained the juicy heart,- Yours the rind and mine the rest; But as you're my friend and guest, Charley, man, cheer up and laugh, And we'll share it half and half; Looking out for number one Doesn't always bring the fun." – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various
  2. He has the juice of the orange, the husband has the rind – The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional by Father Chiniquy