Synonyms for Acceptance:


community, taking, assimilation, assimilate, communal, receipt, absorb, reception, Receiving, absorption, anglicize, acculturate. recognition, alliance, bargain, common ground. O.K., accept, nod, yes. favor, praise. acceptance (noun)
credence, toleration, acceptation, banker's acceptance, sufferance, adoption, espousal.
agreement (noun)
consensus, bond, pact, contract, concord, accession, acquiescence, agreement, concordance, accordance, covenant, arrangement, pledge, settlement, promise, compact, unanimity, deal, assent, empathy, understanding, consent, capitulation, accord, treaty, concurrence, stipulation.
agreement, taking (noun)
recognition, consent, assent, compliance, nod, approval, Receiving, yes, reception, permission, receipt.
approval (noun)
permission, affirmation, confirmation, ratification, endorsement, authentication, sanction, approbation, Underwriting, approval.
belief in goodness of something (noun)
concurrence, adoption, agreement, approbation, affirmation, favor, accession, acquiescence.
cognition (noun)
compliance (noun)
obedience, genuflection, conformity, servility, adherence, observance, willingness, compliance, deference, fulfillment, meekness, homage, conformance, submissiveness, obeisance, respect, submission, fealty.
consent (noun)
mildness (noun)
quietness, liberality, amiability, insipidity, charity, evenness, liberty, laxity, tenderness, peaceableness, lenience, cordiality, broad-mindedness, latitude, softness, libertarianism, open-mindedness, moderation, forbearance, moderateness, permissiveness, easiness, gentleness, kindness, tolerance, benevolence, clemency, benignity, mildness, liberalness, geniality.
obedience (noun)
loyalty, allegiance, devotion, faithfulness.
patience (noun)
patience, strength.

Other synonyms:

receipt, communal, reception, acculturate, anglicize, absorption, assimilate, accept, assimilation. nod, yes, absorb, recognition, community. O.K.. favor. patience
patience, strength.
Other relevant words:
sufferance, toleration, community, praise, favor, assimilate, communal, adoption, patience, anglicize, alliance, accept, espousal, nod, absorb, acculturate, bargain, acceptation, Receiving, assimilation, absorption, receipt, banker's acceptance, credence, taking, yes, recognition, reception, strength.

Usage examples for acceptance

  1. We wish our acceptance of offer, as well as offer itself, to be treated as quite secret. – My Three Years in America by Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff
  2. Everything is a turning and returning and we ourselves are bound upon the wheel, carried down or up and finally to be set free, only by the acceptance of a certain discipline of life. – Modern Religious Cults and Movements by Gaius Glenn Atkins
  3. Jack's cheerful matter- of- fact acceptance of Sarah's absence was the surest way to relieve the anxiety Winnie, as well as the girls, felt. – Rainbow Hill by Josephine Lawrence