Synonyms for Weary:


fatigued (adjective)
Wayworn, Flagged, Frazzled, drowsy, sluggish, fatigued, enervated, worn-out, exhausted, tired, lethargic, run down, sleepy.
tired (adjective)
bushed, sleepy, drowsy, bored, exhausted, fatigued, fagged, wearing, Overworked, fed up, Pooped, spent, dead, sick, drained, beat, disgusted, wearied, done in, enervated.
weary (adjective)
cheerless, faint, exhausted, feeble, trying, toilsome, limp, drowsy, Frazzled, sleepy, depressed, flaccid, Wayworn, tired, over-weary, uphill, apathetic, weak, wasted, listless, run down, footsore, debilitated, worn-out, blue, droopy, bored, fatigued.


exhausting, hypnotic, wearing, soporific, punishing. dead, fagged, do for, worn down, run out of gas, wearied, rundown, droop, bushed, done in, Weariful, drained, tuckered, tired out, spent, run out of/lose steam, bleary, flag, run out of gas/steam, feel/be slow, beat, health, Pooped. disgusted, sick, fed up. exhausted (noun)
study at tired, Overworked.
tired (noun)
on your last legs, dozy.
weary (noun)
wear down, fatigue, wear out, jade, fag out, tire, aweary, wear, outwear, tired, fag, wear upon, tire out.


bore (verb)
bore, tire, sedate, tranquilize, dull, annoy, fatigue.
make tired (verb)
fatigue, annoy, tire out, droop, bore, fag, tire, jade, flag, wear out, wear down.

Other synonyms:

bushed, drained, tuckered, worn down, wearied, Pooped, exhausting, Weariful, fed up, fagged, tired out, drear, wearing, punishing. hypnotic, boring, tiresome, droop, disgusted, humdrum, tedious, soporific, rundown, wearisome, uninteresting. dreary, Irksome, monotonous, spent. flag, do for, stuffy. sick, dead. dry. bore
done in.
beat, dozy, bleary.
Other relevant words:
dead, drear, humdrum, wear down, tiresome, spent, fagged, soporific, hypnotic, bushed, exhausting, aweary, wear out, fag, droop, beat, stuffy, fed up, done in, flag, Pooped, worn down, jade, boring, tedious, dry, tire out, drained, tired out, Weariful, wearing, monotonous, uninteresting, dreary, sick, wearied, Overworked, disgusted, outwear, wear upon, tuckered, rundown, dozy, wear, bleary, wearisome, Irksome.

Usage examples for weary

  1. The few last weary hours in England went slowly by. – A Singer from the Sea by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  2. My weary wife is sick to death. – Lundy's Lane and Other Poems by Duncan Campbell Scott
  3. So we settled down to what promised to be a long and weary waiting. – London to Ladysmith via Pretoria by Winston Spencer Churchill