Synonyms for Poignant:


affecting, painful (adjective)
pitiful, heartbreaking, upsetting, touching, emotional, moving, impressive, bitter, sad.
disappointing (adjective)
moving (adjective)
pungent (adjective)
sharp, caustic, tangy, spicy, bitter, pungent, piquant, acrid, sour.
sharp (adjective)
sarcastic, acute.
sharp, bitter (adjective)
sarcastic, piercing, caustic, pungent, acrid, piquant, spicy, zesty, acute, tangy.
touching (adjective)
sad, piercing, pitiful, touching, emotional.


miserable, terrible, upsetting, heartbreaking, depressing, unhappy, dismal, tragic. stirring, touch, impressive. zesty, taste. poignant (noun)
painful, moving, touching, affecting.

Other synonyms:

zesty. sad, stirring, impressive. affecting
pitiful, affecting.
Other relevant words:
sad, heartbreaking, emotional, zesty, stirring, affecting, piercing, depressing, moving, acute, impressive, dismal, painful, touching, sarcastic, upsetting, miserable, pitiful, tragic.

Usage examples for poignant

  1. The girl fell back with a poignant cry and covered her eyes as if to shut out a hateful and appalling sight. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey