Synonyms for Deeply:


deeply (adverb)
abysmally, profoundly.
highly (adverb)
lowly (adverb)
lowly, shortly.


all (adverb)
intensely, profoundly.
completely, intensely (adverb)
profoundly, genuinely, thoroughly, intensely.
deeply (adverb)
abysmally, profoundly.
lowly (adverb)
lowly, shortly.
truthfully (adverb)


fathomless, bottomless, fathom, knee-deep, bottommost, depth, come down. labored, chesty, breathless, bronchial, pulmonary, heavily, indrawn, choke. thoroughly, immensely, a lot, greatly, well, particularly, really, indeed. deeply (noun)
deep, profoundly.
profoundly (noun)
intensely, genuinely, very, sincerely, strongly.

Other synonyms:

pulmonary, bottommost, indrawn, very, bronchial, immensely, greatly. labored, bottomless, knee-deep, particularly, chesty, fathomless, fathom. thoroughly. breathless, heavily. indeed. depth, really. come down. choke. well. Other relevant words:
really, intensely, heavily, fathom, greatly, chesty, deep, depth, indrawn, strongly, knee-deep, very, indeed, bronchial, sincerely, bottomless, thoroughly, genuinely.

Usage examples for deeply

  1. Perhaps she was saying to him: " I saw Dechartre to- day; the poor fellow is deeply in love with me." – The Red Lily, v2 by Anatole France
  2. Colonel Lennox was too deeply affected to speak. – Marriage by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
  3. She was deeply interested. – Quick Action by Robert W. Chambers