Synonyms for Fervent:


all (adjective)
angry (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
burning, ardent, motivated, eager, zealous, hooked, fiery, excited, gung ho, hot, born-again, hearty, fanatical, earnest, impassioned, animated, spirited, hot-blooded, wholehearted, enthusiastic, red hot, fervid, sincere, perfervid, blazing, passionate, avid, mad about something.
excited (adjective)
disquieted, exhilarated, effervescent, stimulated, burning, animated, turbulent, passionate, Energized, aroused, impassioned, fiery, anxious, disturbed, inflamed, excited, ardent, agitated, breathless, electrified, feverish, attentive.
hot-blooded (adjective)
lively (adjective)
overenthusiastic (adjective)
sensuous (adjective)
vigorous (adjective)
eager, burning, zippy, zealous, impassioned, powerful, excited, ablaze, virile, lively, potent, emphatic, sprightly, hearty, lusty, active, vigorous, animated, enthusiastic, energetic, exuberant, fiery, peppy, mettlesome, afire, industrious, strong, prolific, strenuous, frisky, zestful, passionate, full-blooded, earnest, spirited, agitated, ardent, puissant.


dithyrambic, scorching, hot-blooded, feelings, red hot, blazing, heated. crazy, nuts, mad, rabid, concern, gung ho. fervent (noun)
cordial, perfervid, torrid, fiery, fervid, hot, passionate, impassioned, burning, sincere, ardent.
zealous (noun)
study at passionate.

Other synonyms:

dithyrambic, blazing, hot-blooded, gung ho. rabid, scorching, nuts, crazy, red hot. heated. mad. Other relevant words:
hot, red hot, rabid, mad, wholehearted, hot-blooded, hooked, scorching, cordial, fervid, crazy, perfervid, dithyrambic, sincere, nuts, torrid, born-again, blazing, heated, avid.

Usage examples for fervent

  1. " The best friend in the world," Dan'l answered fervent like. – Merry-Garden and Other Stories by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  2. The big lawyer listened to this somewhat fervent defence of his order with an amused smile, nodding his head slightly from side to side. – The Inside of the Cup, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  3. Thank you, she said, with fervent sincerity, thank you, ma'am, just ever so much. – The Heart of Arethusa by Francis Barton Fox