Synonyms for Pleasant:


acceptable (adjective)
fair, unobjectionable, adequate.
affable (adjective)
sociable, warm, benign.
agreeable (adjective)
congenial, friendly, assenting, acceptable, empathetic, willing, harmonious, understanding, amiable, likeable, acquiescent, agreeable, co-operative, Capitulating, concordant, compatible, consensual.
amiable (adjective)
friendly, complaisant.
amusing (adjective)
droll, lively, entertaining, humorous, diverting, cheering, merry.
attractive (adjective)
balmy (adjective)
bright (adjective)
cheerful (adjective)
bright, amiable, merry, cheery, glad, congenial, pleased, genial, lighthearted, jaunty, complaisant, cordial, buoyant, spirited, agreeable, easygoing, cheerful, affable, sunny, lively, jolly, joyful, optimistic, warm, friendly, sparkling, happy.
courteous (adjective)
friendly (adjective)
spontaneous, genuine, affable, Warm-hearted, good-humored, welcoming.
good (adjective)
commendable, good, admirable, topnotch, worthy, nice, praiseworthy, beneficial, splendid, benign, laudable, five-star, first-rate, exemplary, worthwhile, favorable, fine, excellent.
pleasant (adjective)
exhilarating, blissful, satisfying, cheerful, euphoric, pleasurable, delightful, happy, joyful, likeable, gratifying, ecstatic.
pleasing (adjective)
pleasurable (adjective)
enchanting, pleasing, charming, delightful, enjoyable, ambrosial, joyful, sweet, cheerful, fine, agreeable, entertaining, bright, bonny, delectable, jolly, favorable, amusing, enlivening, pleasurable, unobjectionable, sunny, blissful.
satisfying (adjective)
sociable (adjective)
social, convivial.


fair, temperate, balmy. like. pain. good-tempered, attitude. pleasant (noun)
enjoyable, fine, beautiful, pastoral, grateful, gratifying, idyllic, dulcet, nice, pleasurable.

Other synonyms:

relaxing, restful, good-tempered. satisfactory. fair. sociable, light. memorable
fun, festive.
Other relevant words:
comfortable, gracious, relaxing, cheering, dulcet, social, mellifluous, welcoming, bland, humorous, diverting, sympathetic, joyous, sociable, genteel, catchy, civilized, melodious, mild, balmy, refreshing, like, temperate, light, fun, diplomatic, urbane, polite, restful, droll, jovial, good-tempered, obliging, fair, festive, grateful, beautiful, good-humored, exciting, civil, pastoral, Warm-hearted, kindly, acceptable, welcome, idyllic, satisfactory, soft, convivial.

Usage examples for pleasant

  1. She passed on with a pleasant smile. – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  2. Of course, it was not pleasant but there were many things that were not pleasant – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn