Synonyms for Sting:


EINA, neuralgia. rook, swindle, chisel, inspire, invoke, diddle, provoke, victimize, defraud, awaken, affect, arouse, ignite, mulct, take, rouse, have, cheat, cozen, gull, trim, DO, honest, touch, bilk. check, checkpoint, clue, Amber alert, clampdown, clean up, agent provocateur, all-points bulletin, APB. annoy, infuriate, antagonize, madden, anger, drive someone mad, frustrate. beat down, bargain, cap, bounce back, cheapen, Capping, bottom out, appraise. come out, come up, fade, climb, bear, die back, blossom, choke, bud, bloom. chirp, crawl, hatch, infestation, flutter, fly, alight, infest, hover. weeping, weepy, dry your eyes, tearful, cry, bring tears to your eyes, misty-eyed, teardrop, tear, misty. confidence game (noun)
con game.
con game (noun)
Bunco Game, bunko, confidence trick.
pain (noun)
affliction, agony, headache, discomfort, suffering, Migraine, throb, inflammation, crick, chafing, irritation, gripe, Back Ache, hurt, painfulness, bite, pang, ache, infliction, earache, stab, cramp, distress, rack, wound, injury, burn, bruise, grief, throe, stitch, smarting, torture, malaise, torment, wrench, sore, misery, anguish, pain, spasm.
state (noun)
sting (noun)
bunko game, stinging, burn, con game, bunko, stick, flimflam, insect bite, confidence game, twinge, pang, hustle, bunco, gyp, confidence trick, bite, Bunco Game.


communication (verb)
contact (verb)
pain (verb)
agonize, irritate, chafe, smart, afflict, suffer, inflame.
perception (verb)
burn, bite.
prick, pain (verb)
burn, wound, smart, inspire, hurt, bite.

Other synonyms:

diddle, bilk. victimize, defraud, cozen, chisel. mulct, cheat. trim. DO, take. Other relevant words:
bother, gyp, mulct, flutter, take, rook, appraise, bunko, swindle, cheat, affect, infuriate, pound, victimize, teardrop, choke, gull, defraud, stick, clue, Capping, anger, cozen, annoy, infestation, bloom, climb, bilk, chisel, APB, EINA, have, cap, misty-eyed, blossom, awaken, bunco, ignite, trouble, stifle, Bunco Game, hustle, madden, honest, hatch, arouse, tear, frustrate, bear, flimflam, cheapen, inspire, infest, rouse, touch, alight, bunko game, bud, tearful, con game, antagonize, clampdown, provoke, DO, trim, check, misty, stinging, twinge, confidence game, weeping, confidence trick, chirp, checkpoint, fly, diddle, neuralgia, bargain, crawl, invoke, insect bite, hover, weepy, fade, cry.

Usage examples for sting

  1. Imogene laughed, a rich warm laugh in which there was no sting of revenge, only humour for human faults. – The Desert Fiddler by William H. Hamby
  2. He had known her antagonism, seen it in her face on the night when Bella was sick, felt its sting when she turned from him to laugh with the others. – The Emigrant Trail by Geraldine Bonner
  3. His efforts to sting his sister were completely successful at last: Cora was visibly agitated, and appealed hotly to her mother. – The Flirt by Booth Tarkington