Synonyms for Cure:


handle, work out, shrug off, carry off, get through, overcome, surmount, manage, cope. certify, physic, confine, nostrum, commit, doctor, bedside manner, examine, medicament, health, diagnose, admit, caseload. countermeasure, process of elimination, way out, answer, compromise, solution, heuristics, resolution, better. dehydration, irradiate, freeze, bottle, dehydrate, flash-freeze, homogenize, dry, can. control, contain, regulate, keep down, restrict, curb, limit, determine. pharmaceuticals, panacea, cure-all. cure (noun)
remedy, heal, curative.
cure-all (noun)
drug (noun)
tonic, medicament.
relief (noun)
appeasement, assuagement, remedy, mercy, mildness, alleviation, help, respite, panacea, comfort, aid, consolation, relief, easement, solace.
remedy (noun)
medication, antidote, ointment, pill, corrective, therapy, salve, emetic, germicide, correction, prescription, medicine, potion, balm, elixir, pharmaceutical, tonic, drug, dose.
restorative (noun)
healing agent.
solution to problem, often health (noun)
antidote, drug, panacea, medication, medicament, physic, corrective, alleviation, healing agent, nostrum, elixir, fix, medicine, countermeasure, help, aid, remedy.


body (verb)
cook, age food (verb)
heal (verb)
heal, convalesce, revive, rehabilitate, make well, invigorate, restore, recuperate.
heal, ease bad situation (verb)
dose, restore, rehabilitate, alleviate, doctor, mend, relieve, improve, better.
relieve (verb)
relieve, alleviate, ease, console, lull, assuage, appease.
restore (verb)
mend, renovate, reconstitute, darn, improve, recondition, rejuvenate, overhaul, fix.

Other synonyms:

flash-freeze, pharmaceuticals, caseload, cure-all, diagnose, countermeasure, health, bedside manner, heuristics, certify, process of elimination. confine, solution, examine, restrict, dehydration, medicament, compromise, nostrum, regulate, physic, homogenize, commit, way out. irradiate, doctor, determine. curb, admit, keep down, limit. resolution, contain, bottle. can. freeze, answer. dry. handle. control. restore

Usage examples for cure

  1. He had now been in possession of his cure for more than six months, and consequently felt at home in it. – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  2. She drove on, but, meeting the Cure stopped her carriage. – When Valmond Came to Pontiac, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 15, 2009