Synonyms for Bruise:


mar, stain, spoil, mark, disfigure, damage, take its toll. slander, blacken someone's reputation/name/character, taint, smear, disgrace, discredit, talk trash. bruising, concussion, fracture, self-injury, loss, sprain. breakage, chip, burnout, blight. black and blue mark under skin (noun)
contusion, wound, injury, mark, black eye, discoloration, swelling, blemish.
bruise (noun)
hurt, spite, offend, injure, contusion, contuse, wound.
contusion (noun)
blister, swelling, discoloration, ecchymosis, shiner, black-and-blue mark, abrasion, blemish, black eye, petechia.
pain (noun)
infliction, crick, chafing, rack, earache, smarting, wrench, injury, cramp, malaise, pain, gripe, torture, Migraine, affliction, throe, spasm, hurt, stab, pang, inflammation, burn, bite, misery, suffering, headache, Back Ache, wound, stitch, anguish, grief, irritation, agony, ache, sting, painfulness, throb, distress, torment, sore, discomfort.
state (noun)


break blood vessel; discolor (verb)
injure, contuse, damage, mar, crush.
contact (verb)
pulp (verb)
mash, pulp, squash, crush.

Other synonyms:

disable, breakage, disgrace, slander, sprain, fracture, self-injury, mar, concussion. smear, blight, discredit, taint, bruising. strain, burnout, blister. loss. stain. chip. mark. cut. flaw
Other relevant words:
black eye, chip, bruising, loss, disable, discoloration, mar, damage, blemish, self-injury, harm, shiner, strain, discredit, contuse, offend, injure, spite, breakage, burnout, slander, cut, spoil, smear, disfigure, swelling, abrasion, blister, sprain, ecchymosis, concussion, black-and-blue mark, contusion, stain, mark, fracture.

Usage examples for bruise

  1. The lad's face was dirty, his nose was all bloody, and a big bruise showed over his right eye. – Betty Zane by Zane Grey
  2. This article touched upon a cut or bruise forms, immediately, an artificial skin, which cannot be washed off. – Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets by Daniel Young
  3. She went on playing, but Sir Michael came across the room to look into the matter of the bruise upon his wife's pretty wrist. – Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon