Synonyms for Bite:


portion (adjective)


nip, aftertaste, mouthful, body, texture, nibble, savor, chew, flavor. harm, overshadow, cancel out, damage, neutralize, loose on, laceration, cost, spoil, offset, taint. bait, blood sports, bag, angling, meal, capture, big game. color, attack, fascination, spark, mystery, champ, ingestion, life, novelty, buzz, vitality, gnaw, animation, gnash. buffet, erode, barbecue, BBQ, breakfast bar, corrode, wear, banquet, wear away, box lunch, Barbie, a bite, brunch. bowl, C, cake, can, batch, bed, crumb, smart, bowlful, consumption. buck, claw, burrow, gore, frisk, bristle, beach, cast. bite at, chatter, chew up. cannibalize, demolish, crunch, bolt, choke down, chow down. fracture, self-injury, concussion, bruising, sprain, scrape, loss. chill, frozen, freeze, chilled/frozen to the bone, shivery. bite (noun)
collation, nosh, pungency, chomp, insect bite, sharpness, snack, seize with teeth, burn, sting, morsel, bit.
edge (noun)
food (noun)
bit, morsel.
injury from gripping, tearing (noun)
nip, wound, laceration, chomp, sting, smarting, pain.
mouthful of food (noun)
morsel, snack, nosh, brunch, nibble, taste.
nosh (noun)
pain (noun)
hurt, Migraine, smarting, spasm, grief, injury, gripe, suffering, chafing, misery, sore, malaise, bruise, pain, pang, earache, painfulness, discomfort, infliction, stitch, inflammation, cramp, anguish, torture, distress, ache, wound, stab, headache, wrench, torment, throe, burn, rack, crick, Back Ache, agony, throb, affliction, irritation, sting.
pressure (noun)
ask for a loan, borrow, touch.
pungency; stinging sensation (noun)
tang (noun)


contact (verb)
seize with teeth.
corrode, eat away (verb)
erode, consume, wear away, smart.
eat (verb)
taste, feast, dine, consume, lunch, sup, gulp, grub, eat, feed, snack, picnic, ingest, breakfast, devour, drink.
grip or tear with teeth (verb)
champ, crunch, chew, gnaw, eat.
portion (verb)

Other synonyms:

champ, frozen, spark, bowlful, chew, vitality, bite at, texture, angling, blood sports, choke down, aftertaste. chew up, cannibalize, burrow, life, wear, bristle, demolish, novelty, erode, bait, fascination, freeze, frisk, crumb, gore. bowl, mystery, cake, cast, animation, beach, corrode, flavor, buck, color. savor, batch, consumption. bolt, body, chatter, can. buzz. chill, smart. C, bed, crunch. chew
champ, gulp.
lunch, chow down.
morsel, nibble.

Usage examples for bite

  1. I don't bite people often." – Jan and Her Job by L. Allen Harker
  2. " Cheer up, we won't bite their smile seemed to say. – The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
  3. " It'll bite said Mr. Pelby. – Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches by T. S. Arthur