Synonyms for Dart:


dartboard, bull's eye, double, archery, darts. coattails, bib, buttonhole, scour, bustle, pelt, arm, bucket, haste, sail, zoom, whiz, fly, nip, care label, festinate, speed, zip, bolt, barrel, hasten, bodice, hotfoot, armhole, whisk, collar, whirl, rocket, wing, hustle, rip, highball, breast pocket, move. impulse, flush, fit, outburst, surge, spasm, twinge, float, skim, spurt. outpace, hurtle, pitch, shy, be quick on your feet, heave, fire, toss. dagger, pommel, garrotte, blowgun, hilt, blowpipe, rapier, cutlass, saber. twitch, flick, dive, start, jump, lunge, jerk. take one look at, peek, glance, steal a glance/look, give someone/something the once-over, sneak a look/glance etc. at, peep. dart (noun)
flit, fleet, flutter, scoot, shoot, flash, dash, scud.
missile (noun)
flechette, weapon, arrow, barb.
shaft (noun)
weapon (noun)
blowgun, archery, cutlass.


motion (verb)
flit, fleet, flutter.
race away; propel (verb)
hurry, fly, shoot, bound, spurt, tear, scurry, scamper, pitch, sprint, speed, run, sail, hasten, whiz, hurtle, skim, gallop, plunge, float, rush, flash, start, scud, flit, dash, heave, scoot.
run (verb)
jog, scurry, scramble, plunge, lope, race, canter, scamper, run, hurry, dash, bound, trot, scoot, rush, tear, gallop, sprint.

Other synonyms:

dagger, blowpipe, archery, dartboard, skim, hasten, bull's eye, blowgun, festinate, hilt. highball, hotfoot, bustle, whisk, zoom, peek, rapier, rocket, outpace, glance, barrel, garrotte. zip, hurtle, flick, twitch, sail, toss, rip. float, lunge, pitch, bucket, whiz, heave. hustle, nip, surge, haste, whirl, jerk. speed, fly, bolt, dive. peep. jump, wing. double. move. start. flinch

Usage examples for dart

  1. He had seen several of the horsemen dart out upon these from the main body, and cut them down with their keen edged tulwars without giving them time so much as to utter a shriek. – The Heath Hover Mystery by Bertram Mitford
  2. You look as if you were just going to dart away again. – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)