Synonyms for Touching:


adjacent (adjective)
near, adjoining, contiguous, bordering.
adjoining (adjective)
connecting, abutting, joining.
caressing (adjective)
embracing, snuggling, petting, fondling, Nuzzling, cuddling.
disappointing (adjective)
moving (adjective)
touching (adjective)
impressive, brushing, tender, rubbing, contacting, stirring, grazing, skimming, heartbreaking, sad, poignant.


about, in/with regard to, as for, concerned, devoted, reaching, in connection with something, regarding, concerning, in relation to. impressive, depressing, unhappy, sad, upsetting, tragic, dismal, terrible, heartbreaking, stirring, painful. tender. next, tangent, contiguous, Against, near. act (noun)
adjacent (noun)
next, tangent, contiguous, Against, near.
affecting (noun)
touch (noun)
fondling, rubbing.
touching (noun)
touch, affecting, poignant, moving.


about (preposition)
in relation to, regarding.
apropos (preposition)
as for, about, Against, concerning.


caressing (verb)
embracing, snuggling, petting, fondling, Nuzzling, cuddling.
contacting (verb)
connecting, reaching out, contacting, joining, meeting, Butting, abutting, bordering, adjoining.
feeling (verb)
Undergoing, groping, Experiencing, fumbling, Responding, sensing, probing, handling.
respecting (verb)
touching (verb)
caressing, twiddling, Plying, feeling, kissing, Palming, palpating, Pawing, fingering, Manipulating.

Other synonyms:

reaching. stirring, impressive, sad, near. adjacent
contiguous, next.
Other relevant words:
heartbreaking, tragic, concerning, sad, tender, tangent, contiguous, as for, about, depressing, concerned, in relation to, touch, terrible, next, dismal, affecting, moving, devoted, impressive, unhappy, Against, painful, reaching, regarding, poignant, near, stirring, upsetting.

Usage examples for touching

  1. So you see, Doctor, I have my doubts touching this theory of yours and Delia's." – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  2. All this was very sweet and touching on the part of Miss Fosby, so far as Miss Fosby alone was concerned. – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli
  3. But somehow the sight was a little touching too. – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris