Synonyms for Embarrassing:


all (adjective)
sticky, awkward, unenviable.
cumbersome (adjective)
disturbing (adjective)
painful, Irksome, unpleasant, Discomforting, hard.
humiliating (adjective)
humbling, Disgracing.
offensive (adjective)
invidious, terrible.
shameful (adjective)
disgraceful, Shaming, humiliating, ignominious, degrading.


disgraceful, bad, low-grade, terrible, dire, poor, second-rate, pitiful. fraught, problematic, contentious, invidious, disruptive, adverse. painful, unfortunate, guilty, undignified, ignominious, embarrassed. confusion (noun)
embarrassing (noun)
difficult, unpleasant, unenviable, awkward, sticky, hard, mortifying.


abasing (verb)
Abasing, degrading, Defaming, Shaming, mocking, Dishonoring, Maligning, Disgracing.
humbling (verb)
humbling, fazing, Discomfiting, disconcerting, Abashing, humiliating, mortifying.

Other synonyms:

low-grade, disruptive, contentious, fraught, dire, pitiful, invidious, second-rate, problematic, poor, touchy, undignified, troublesome, shameful. embarrassed, unfortunate, terrible, uncomfortable, adverse. painful. guilty. bad. awkward
awkward, inconvenient.
Other relevant words:
hard, confusing, shameful, equivocal, troubling, poor, pitiful, invidious, MLY, embarrassed, distressing, undignified, bad, touchy, dire, ignominious, ambiguous, Irksome, Discomforting, inopportune, Distracting, adverse, inconvenient, rattling, upsetting, disgraceful, contentious, unpropitious, helpless, bewildering, unenviable, awkward, unfortunate, difficult, disagreeable, perplexing, disruptive, disturbing, Flustering, unmanageable, unpleasant, painful, troublesome, guilty, worrisome, puzzling, sticky, ticklish, fraught, terrible, low-grade, impossible, second-rate, uncomfortable, problematic, un.

Usage examples for embarrassing

  1. Fortunately for himself, however, he had a small fortune of his own so that he had been enabled to carry on his dreaming and planning without embarrassing his family. – The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship by Margaret Burnham
  2. She says embarrassing things like that every time I put on a new dress. – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  3. So the Drakes escaped from what would have been an embarrassing scene. – The High School Boys' Training Hike by H. Irving Hancock