Synonyms for Pang:


EINA, neuralgia. soreness, smart, prickle. ache, twinge (noun)
discomfort, bite, misery, stab, spasm, pain, sting, gripe, stitch, agony, throb, distress, throe, wrench, anguish.
feeling (noun)
twinge, stab.
muscle spasm (noun)
pain (noun)
burn, misery, throb, sting, throe, discomfort, headache, gripe, rack, chafing, torment, hurt, smarting, torture, agony, irritation, spasm, distress, wound, ache, Back Ache, cramp, anguish, inflammation, wrench, injury, painfulness, Migraine, malaise, stab, crick, bite, affliction, infliction, sore, earache, suffering, grief, stitch, pain, bruise.
pang (noun)
twinge, sting.
state (noun)

Other synonyms:

EINA, soreness, neuralgia. smart, prickle. Other relevant words:
EINA, smart, twinge, soreness, prickle.

Usage examples for pang

  1. It was full moon, and their faces shone so clear and merry in the light, that Peggy could not help feeling a pang not of envy, but of longing. – Peggy by Laura E. Richards
  2. There's nothing to stay awake for," although it came with a pang – The Purple Parasol by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. He watched her with a curious pang – The Untamed by Max Brand