Synonyms for Pregnant:


carrying developing offspring within the body (adjective)
fertile, teeming, expectant, parturient, gravid, hopeful, gestating, fraught, heavy, fecund, fruitful, Expecting, with child, enceinte, productive, prolific.
meaningful (adjective)
important, weighty, consequential.
pregnant (adjective)
expectant, fertilized, parturient, Expecting, with child, breeding, gestating.
productive (adjective)
profitable, bountiful, fertile, productive, lush, fecund, teeming, executive, constructive, prolific, creative, parturient, fruitful.
significant, meaningful (adjective)
creative, expressive, weighty, suggestive, important, consequential, telling.


heavily pregnant, be expecting (a baby), blooming, heavy with child, be with child, in the family way, have a bun in the oven, carry. indicative, telling, representational, well-defined, unambiguous, illocutionary, expressive, reproduction, symbolic, gone. suggestive. pregnant (noun)
full, meaningful, gravid, enceinte, significant, great, large, fraught, big, in trouble, heavy, with child, expectant, meaning.
with child (noun)

Other synonyms:

blooming. gone. carry. eloquent
with child
Other relevant words:
enceinte, weighty, fraught, expressive, telling, consequential, meaning, great, significant, gravid, large, heavy, gone, suggestive, hopeful, symbolic, big, full, important, indicative, meaningful, blooming, in the family way, heavy with child.

Usage examples for pregnant

  1. Alexander demanded in a taunting voice, though inwardly she felt that the peril was pregnant and immediate. – A Pagan of the Hills by Charles Neville Buck
  2. But it may shrewdly be suspected that the moral was as little intended by the author as it would have been the object of an historian, whose work is equally pregnant with morality, though a detail of facts be only intended. – Sir Walter Scott as a Critic of Literature by Margaret Ball