Synonyms for Potent:


all (adjective)
strong, powerful.
authoritative (adjective)
authoritative, effectual, powerful, effective, dictatorial, influential, impressive, strong, important, consequential, imperious, commanding, autocratic, arrogant, authoritarian, masterful.
chief (adjective)
consequential, supreme, effective, vital, controlling.
cogent (adjective)
powerful, forceful.
dynamic (adjective)
lively, zippy, strenuous, energetic.
effective (adjective)
competent, efficient, emphatic, active, effectual, useful, cogent.
effective, powerful, forceful (adjective)
commanding, mighty, useful, lusty, influential, strong, robust, vigorous, puissant, impressive, persuasive, great, dominant, authoritative, cogent, sturdy.
efficient (adjective)
eloquent (adjective)
fervent, fervid, impassioned, passionate, ardent, suggestive.
energetic (adjective)
fervid, peppy, spunky, zippy, mettlesome, vigorous, forceful, snappy, driven, energetic, zealous, mighty, effervescent, strong, spirited, active, puissant, vivacious, powerful, ardent.
powerful (adjective)
authoritative, high-powered, supreme, great, forceful, puissant, powerful, vigorous, mighty, energetic, masterful, dominant, commanding, competent, controlling, strong.
strong (adjective)
robust, sturdy, brawny, stout, mettlesome, sinewy, stable, formidable, husky, muscular, tough, vital, vigorous, powerful, strong, virile, energetic, firm, mighty.
vigorous (adjective)
animated, enthusiastic, burning, ablaze, fervent, excited, frisky, exuberant, ardent, hearty, lusty, passionate, mettlesome, earnest, spirited, eager, industrious, puissant, afire, virile, zippy, powerful, peppy, sprightly, vigorous, full-blooded, fiery, impassioned, energetic, active, zealous, prolific, zestful, strenuous, emphatic, strong, agitated, lively.


animal, intimate, sensual, vulgar, indecent, suggestive, romantic, amorous, obscene. clinical, antenatal, broad-spectrum, combination, aseptic, bionic, antibacterial, antimalarial, concentrated, clear, bloodless. convincing (noun)
potent (noun)
effectual, influential, multipotent, cogent, equipotent, virile, strong.

Other synonyms:

efficient. concentrated. convincing
Other relevant words:
sensual, supreme, efficient, amorous, great, high-powered, concentrated, useful, dominant, equipotent, cogent, persuasive, multipotent.

Usage examples for potent

  1. In imagination she saw Feller standing by the table in the dejection of his heart- break when he faced her and Lanstron, his secret disclosed; and the appeal was more potent in memory than it had been at the time. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer
  2. It then turned out that it was nothing less than a female that exercised such a potent influence upon him. – The Riflemen of the Miami by Edward S. Ellis