Synonyms for Able:


able to perform well; having a proven capacity (adjective)
skilled, masterful, effective, expert, clever, talented, gifted, artful, ingenious, efficient, masterly, skillful, proficient, practiced, accomplished, brilliant, experienced, prepared, responsible.
all (adjective)
capable of performing; having an innate capacity (adjective)
adroit, apt, dexterous, smart, capable, powerful, competent, ready, agile, equipped, adept, strong, cunning, facile, deft, bright, intelligent, endowed, good, worthy.
prepared (adjective)
qualified (adjective)
skillful (adjective)
proficient, skilled, apt, masterful, deft, artful, agile, facile, genius, skillful, dexterous, nimble, Sure-footed, adept, expert, talented, crafty, handy, competent, capable, ambidextrous, versatile, clever, cunning, adroit, accomplished, efficient.


wise, powerful, bungling, discerning, intelligent, clear-sighted, worthy, quick, gifted, endowed, academic, nimble-fingered, strong, well-rounded, bright, cut out for, brilliant, canny, ready, smart, ingenious. be no slouch, can do something in your sleep, experienced, be a past master at doing something, practiced, first-rate, effective, smooth, superior, have a flair for something, resourceful, be in practice, have/get something down to a fine art, conversant, slick, have a genius for (doing) something, knowledgeable, have an eye for, inventive, inefficient, enterprising, have a magic touch, inexperienced, masterly, crackerjack, all-around, responsible. equipped, authorized, prepared, capable of, conversant with. ability, good. able (noun)
capable, able-bodied, competent, fit, healthy.

Other synonyms:

academic, quick, crackerjack, inventive, prepared, clear-sighted, capable of, resourceful, discerning. all-around, responsible. brilliant. clever
Other relevant words:
superior, responsible, intelligent, equipped, all-around, knowledgeable, experienced, worthy, first-rate, practiced, good, effective, smooth, inexperienced, crackerjack, nimble-fingered, prepared, brilliant, wise, enterprising, bright, academic, canny, inventive, quick, powerful, resourceful, bungling, endowed, strong, inefficient, ability, masterly, discerning, ingenious, well-rounded, capable of, conversant, gifted, authorized, fit, smart, ready, clear-sighted, able-bodied, healthy, slick.

Usage examples for able

  1. I am not able to bear it." – The Lilac Sunbonnet by S.R. Crockett
  2. Yes, I'm able to go. – The Story of a Doctor's Telephone--Told by His Wife by Ellen M. Firebaugh
  3. He know so much, that make him able for the bad, see, like for the good. – Marie by Laura E. Richards