Synonyms for Flimsy:


all (adjective)
disreputable (adjective)
feeble (adjective)
fragile, feeble, rickety, powerless, frail, infirm, run down, sickly, weak, doddering, faint, ailing, debilitated, decrepit, soft.
groundless (adjective)
not strong; light, thin (adjective)
sleazy, insubstantial, sheer, unsound, frail, shaky, slight, defective, wobbly, superficial, rickety, diaphanous, infirm, fragile, inadequate, decrepit, weak, unsubstantial, gauzy, feeble.
unconvincing, implausible (adjective)
inconceivable, inane, thin, inept, puerile, assailable, contemptible, incredible, wishful, lame, weakly, illogical, poor, fallacious, false, trifling.


fallacious, creased, crisp, Breathable, diaphanous, trifling, implausible, assailable, lame, inane, fibrous, cogent, logical, distressed, superficial, inept, illogical, puerile, brushed, inadequate, cellular, contemptible, wishful, colorfast, false. incredible, Unconceivable, likely, inconceivable. flimsy (noun)
light, fragile, tenuous, slight, inferior, weak, cardboard, onionskin, thin.
substance (noun)

Other synonyms:

breakable, weakly, friable, feckless, crumbly, Unconceivable. implausible, puny, poor, incredible, inconsistent, unsound. brittle, unsubstantial, unsteady, unreliable, inconceivable, vulnerable. suspect, unstable, shaky. flimsy
thin, sheer.
Other relevant words:
trifling, diaphanous, fallacious, unreliable, untrustworthy, incredible, false, illogical, puerile, inconceivable, inadequate, cardboard, poor, unstable, slight, tenuous, inconsistent, vulnerable, inept, friable, unsteady, insubstantial, Unconceivable, gauzy, shoddy, superficial, crumbly, thin, light, assailable, sheer, wishful, inane, crisp, breakable, lame, unsound, implausible, feckless, suspect, inferior, shaky, unsubstantial, defective, sleazy, wobbly, puny, makeshift, contemptible, brittle, weakly, onionskin.

Usage examples for flimsy

  1. She produced a piece much too small and flimsy for the purpose, and declared, when he called for something better, that the day's supply of stout paper was all exhausted. – The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins Last Updated: January 3, 2009
  2. It had become to him as valueless as a flimsy toy; and yet he clung to it rather than leave himself with empty hands. – Antony Gray,--Gardener by Leslie Moore
  3. But when I got here, the town looked so savage, don't you know, so- drear- and desolate and- and flimsy I got a bit home- sick- there! – The Madigans by Miriam Michelson