Synonyms for Binding:


confining (adjective)
Restraining, tying.
necessary (adjective)
imperative, compulsory, required, mandatory, requisite, obligatory, essential.
obligatory (adjective)
requisite, mandatory, imperative, constraining, indispensable, obligatory, required, pressing, inevitable, compulsory, necessary.
required (adjective)
proviso, inexorable, requisite, inevitable, necessary, must, Stipulated, prerequisite, constraining, imperative, indispensable, involuntary, required, inescapable, pressing, obligatory, essential, mandatory, compulsory.


afterword, artwork, acknowledgments, body, appendix, blurb, book, addendum. unanimous, agreed, contractual, be understood, broad, broadly, renewable, consensual, qualified. inner-tubing, cross-country skiing, heliskiing, luge, chairlift, downhill, mogul, aspen. accessorise, corsage, marabou, flounce, cord, fan, frill, beading. binding (noun)
constipating, book binding, bandaging, valid, costive, cover, dressing, back, constricting, tight.
cover; something which fastens (noun)
fastener, tie, belt.
fastener (noun)
vise, cleat, string, tack, buckle, pin, brad, twine, clasp, bolt, clamp, suture, hook, staple, fastener, grapnel, closure, cincture, cotter, knot, cinch, anchor, cement, hawser, hitch, link, go-between, Vinculum, bond, mucilage, mediator, hinge, zipper, latch, weld, spike, rabbet, band, splice, stitch, binder, bracket, seal, agent, catch, hasp, chain, glue, rivet, strap, nail, fuse, lock, stay, brace, knitting, medium, paste, button, middleman, braid, lace, guy, clip, snap, connector, belt, tie, ligament, clinch, thread, skewer.
ligature (noun)
tying (noun)


attaching (verb)
merging, connecting, juxtaposing, Annexing, Clinging, fastening, splicing, joining, wedding, Adhering, Affixing, coupling, Relating, bonding, Marrying, Hitching, abutting, Attaching, sticking.
cohering (verb)
sticking together, conforming, integrating, solidifying, Cohering, Fusing.
fastening (verb)
zipping, Bracketing, suturing, braiding, lacing, strapping, Plaiting, welding, weaving, Hinging, Staying, Gluing, Chaining, Linking, tying, Cementing, Tethering, Knotting, lashing, Pasting, stitching, Clinching, Buckling, Stringing.
requiring (verb)
mandating, compelling, Requiring, Stipulating, Obligating.
restraining (verb)
Shackling, Collaring, inhibiting, Bridling, hindering, confining, Leashing, restricting, Detaining, Restraining, impeding, controlling, constricting.
sewing (verb)
Embroidering, Purling, chain stitching, buttonholing, basting, quilting, cross stitching, crocheting, Seaming, backstitching, sewing, tacking.
subordinating (verb)
Subjugating, enthralling, Enslaving, Subjecting, subordinating.

Other synonyms:

heliskiing, afterword, chairlift, contractual, inner-tubing, corsage, luge, consensual, blurb, cross-country skiing, artwork, downhill, unanimous, mogul, addendum, renewable, aspen, frill. qualified, body, marabou, cord, beading, broadly, flounce, appendix. book, agreed. broad. fan. Other relevant words:
restrictive, book, blurb, acknowledgments, body, fan, unanimous, tight, valid, appendix, broad, broadly, afterword, corsage, luge, frill, downhill, addendum, back, artwork, book binding, flounce, cover, costive, contractual, marabou, consensual, constipating, agreed, renewable, dressing, qualified, heliskiing, beading, chairlift, inner-tubing, bandaging, mogul, cord, accessorise, aspen.

Usage examples for binding

  1. The estate you have inherited is not binding on you. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. He looked down in surprise at the books, whose beautiful binding was covered with sand. – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden