Synonyms for Energetic:


active (adjective)
active, stirring, sedulous, spirited, sprightly, bustling, enterprising, dynamic, vivacious, tireless, eager, moving, assiduous, animated, industrious, lively, busy.
aggressive (adjective)
athletic (adjective)
energetic (adjective)
driven, puissant, fervid, mighty, mettlesome, zippy, potent, active, vivacious, spirited, forceful, effervescent, peppy, ardent, strong, powerful, vigorous, zealous, spunky, snappy.
full of life; forceful (adjective)
animated, sturdy, potent, enterprising, brisk, spry, active, tireless, lusty, spirited, kinetic, dynamic, snappy, vivacious, strenuous, lively, hardy, powerful, industrious, vigorous, tough, indefatigable, unflagging, peppy, vital, strong, zippy, sprightly, driving.
hardworking (adjective)
healthy (adjective)
hardy, lively, healthy, full-bodied, salubrious, vigorous, robust, spry, fit, wholesome, chipper, vital, hale.
lively (adjective)
animated, vital.
powerful (adjective)
forceful, commanding, potent, mighty, powerful, masterful, controlling, puissant, vigorous, competent, strong, authoritative.
strong (adjective)
sinewy, sturdy, husky, mettlesome, tough, potent, formidable, stout, mighty, muscular, vital, strong, virile, powerful, robust, vigorous, stable, brawny, firm.
untiring (adjective)
vigorous (adjective)
excited, emphatic, strenuous, zestful, passionate, animated, dynamical, earnest, burning, virile, exuberant, fiery, fervent, agitated, lusty, vigorous, prolific, industrious, frisky, ardent, zealous, impassioned, sprightly, mettlesome, enthusiastic, full-blooded, peppy, zippy, puissant, afire, eager, powerful, ablaze, active, study at active, spirited, potent, lively, hearty, strong.


alive. action, kinetic, dynamical. energetic (noun)
active, strenuous, canty, gumptious, physical, zippy, snappy, lively, up-and-coming, tireless, driving, brisk, rattling, merry, unflagging, spanking, unwearying, vigorous, industrious, indefatigable.

Other synonyms:

alive, dynamical. kinetic. Other relevant words:
dynamical, action, gumptious, spanking, unwearying, kinetic, rattling, driving, alive, indefatigable, unflagging, brisk, physical, up-and-coming, merry, canty.

Usage examples for energetic

  1. Every man of energetic passions has within him a principle of self- destruction. – Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  2. He is an energetic young savage, and that is the best one can say. – Fifty-One Years of Victorian Life by Margaret Elizabeth Leigh Child-Villiers, Countess of Jersey
  3. Energetic measures to stop the destruction of the city were promptly taken. – The Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry in the Closing Scenes of the War for the Maintenance of the Union, from Richmond to Appomatox by William B. Arnold Edward T. Bouvé Lasalle Corbell Pickett