Synonyms for Yielding:


bendable (adjective)
compliant (adjective)
concurrent, respectful, meek, adherent, submissive, compliant, supporting, obedient, willing, conforming, servile.
elastic (adjective)
manageable (adjective)
obedient (adjective)
biddable, compliant.
passive (adjective)
complaisant, inert, inactive, acquiescent, calm, placid, passive, submissive, idle.
pulpy (adjective)
servile (adjective)
downtrodden, slavish, humble, inferior, servile, acquiescent, obedient, subservient, Genuflecting, deferential, feudal, curtsying, menial, docile, subordinate, attending, Subjected, complaisant, devoted, biddable, browbeaten, submissive, willing, dutiful, kowtowing, groveling.
soft (adjective)
mushy, plastic, malleable, gentle, tractable, Pappy, pliant, elastic, squashy, quaggy, soft, pliable, lithe, Pulpous.
willing (adjective)
plastic, compliant, earnest, adaptable, cooperative, submissive, assenting, pliant, amenable, tractable, ready, eager, flexible, acquiescent, persuadable, ductile, malleable, tame, willing, pliable, agreeable, susceptible, receptive, biddable.


inclined, pleased/only too pleased to do something, delighted, interested, prepared to do something. factory, production, turning, opening, planned obsolescence, process, firm, automated, unyielding, industrial, industry, splitting, wavering, breaking, reverse engineering, MFG. acknowledgment (noun)
conceding, concession.
capitulation (noun)
bowing, Succumbing, knuckling under, giving up.
yielding (noun)
conceding, surrender, conciliatory, compromising, complying, flexible, obliging, compliant, docile, soft, concession, giving up.


complying (verb)
complying, bowing, assenting, ceding, Deferring, Obeying, Fulfilling, Submitting, observing, Caving, knuckling under, Genuflecting, Capitulating, conforming, Acquiescing, Surrendering, kowtowing, Respecting, bending, Adhering, accepting, Succumbing, consenting, agreeing, concurring.
producing (verb)
fertile, productive, bounteous, fruitful, rich.
yield (verb)

Other synonyms:

delighted, squishy, Pulpous, production, quaggy, fertile. pulpy, squashy, Pappy, spongy. inclined. fertile

Usage examples for yielding

  1. He saw her before him, dainty, alluring, yielding yet leading him on: altogether desirable. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance
  2. I hoped that some day I might find you in a yielding mood. – Flower of the Dusk by Myrtle Reed
  3. In this particular case, yielding to his strong desire, she thought the battle won, but the terror of the trees came back before the first month had passed. – The Man Whom the Trees Loved by Algernon Blackwood