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veteran (adjective)

patriarchal, master, senior, expert, veteran.

Other synonyms:

in the know, mature, having been around, accomplished, intimate with, having been through the mill, consummate, practised, older, mastered, worldly, knowing the score, initiate, worldly-wise, crackerjack, experient, crack, matured, gifted, veteran, masterly, old, initiated, professed, virtuoso, trained, mellowed, adept, intimate, transliterate, rounded, conversant, seasoned, full-fledged, knowing the ropes, capable, compleat, knowledgeable about, well-versed, broken in, to hell and back, skillful, sophisticated, knowing the ropes, complete, able, knowledgeable, good, fully fledged, familiar with, ability, with a good background, qualified, skilled, masterful, practiced, ace, great.

Examples of usage:

He needed advice from more older and more experienced men. - "Stories of the Prophets (Before the Exile)", Isaac Landman.

Years flew, while I experienced no relief. - "Selections From Poe", J. Montgomery Gambrill.

He led an innocent life compared with many boys of his age, for he was kept very much out of harm's way, but I soon perceived the pleasure he experienced from a successful trick of fun, and that his great command over his nerves tempted him to play many such, which he could do with a grave face. - "Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy.", Elizabeth P. Peabody Mary Mann.

Similar words:

sense experience, perceptual experience, expedience, expediency, re-experiencing, through an experiment, double-blind experiment, expressed, temporary expedient, expressed almond oil.

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