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Stumbled - 32 results
stumbled (verb)

limped, hobbled, staggered, faltered, tottered.

Examples of usage:

He stumbled blindly along the drive into the road, and Constable Wiseman went back to the house. - "The Man Who Knew", Edgar Wallace.

Phaidor-" she stumbled a little here, and then in a very low voice, " Phaidor already is yours." - "The Gods of Mars", Edgar Rice Burroughs.

It means that someone else has stumbled on this place- it doesn't matter much whether it was yesterday or ten years ago- and what has been done before will almost certainly be done again. - "The Lost Valley", J. M. Walsh.

Similar words:

stumbler, stumble, stumblebum, stumbling, stunned, stunted, stumper, stuffed shirt, stuffed tomato, stuffed grape leaves.

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