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weak - 439 results
Other synonyms:

green, debile, powerless, hog-tied, low-grade, sluttish, colonialist, down-and-out, enervated, flea-bitten, frail, light, clean, exclusive, ability, fainthearted, effervescent, weakened, rotten, unconceivable, swooning, swamped, fragile, inconsequential, forceless, consonant, washy, fine, impersonal, illegitimate, economically, subtle, tenuous, casual, brave, overpowered, anaemic, flabby, inconspicuous, sick, weakly, high and dry, guest, abstemious, handsome, conceptual, imperceptible, insecure, adynamic, wet, breakaway, paralyzed, strong, causative, pitiful, derelict, crumbly, faltering, immature, wakeful, wonky, whispered, flooded, be easily led, irrational, specific, unreasonable, inconsequent, flaccid, poor, blurred, worn down, healthy, puny, effete, aggregate, wanton, abstract, short, alveolar, intransitive, jerry-built, bilabial, enfeebled, imperfect, wearied, fresh-faced, tumbledown, loud, rachitic, slight, fuzzy, live, purposeless, alcoholic, capitalist, governmental, faint-hearted, metaphysical, palsied, all-star, young, low-cal, bitter, low, feeble, watery, languid, prostrated, washed-out, trained, crap, calorie-free, undisciplined, shaky, invertebrate, weak-willed, reeking, orthodox, breakable, absolute, corked, experienced, full-bodied, hamstrung, restricted, likely, inconceivable, dry, absolutist, impotent, assonance, interpretive, dull, depth, hatchet-faced, closed syllable, decaffeinated, raw, nerveless, active, nonconformist, senile, human, prostrate, central, embarrassing, wishy-washy, delicate, basic, economic, implausible, overcome, courageous, watered-down, half-hearted, flimsy, sapless, easy, interpretative, close vowel, craggy, anemic, handcuffed, waterish, wimpy, incapacitated, unconvincing, theoretical, restrictive, ineffectual, good-looking, popular, regular, evergreen, inundated, vague, low-powered, disgraceful, governing, debut, fallacious, characterless, shadowy, ill-defined, scant, faded, limiting, dim, thinned, milk-and-water, insubstantial, weak-kneed, effeminate, autonomous, incredible, tottery, backward, light-headed, aspiration, paltry, incomplete, limp-wristed, unstressed, worn, black, malnourished, limp, baby-faced, nervous, deep-seated, under control, bleached, unsteady, assailable, deterministic, infirm, off-screen, soft, unreasoning, full-face, buoyant, makeshift, helpless, wimpish, weakling, small, tender, limited, unbelievable, lax, blind, terrible, fallible, slack, loose, unorganized, exposed, burning, faint, collectivist, dire, engulfed, bicameral, lightheaded, future, wobbly, democratic, imperative, lame-duck, nonrational, change, wan, unforceful, invisible, prohibitive, continuous, susceptible, woebegone, light-colored, delicately balanced, deep, sleazy, fresh, utopian, ergative, invalid, tottering, within limits, clear, sapped, effete, lightsome, unaccented, shoddy, creaky, pale, dilute, drinkable, brittle, expert, atonic, carbonated, unsubstantial, thin, bullish, bankable, indistinct, vulnerable, chiseled, namby-pamby, impuissant, handicapped, untrained, pallid, finite, lite, overwhelmed, decrepit, furrowed, deflationary, asthenic, unclouded, unsound, federal, muffled, weak-minded, promiscuous, antigrowth, unstrung, idle, gutless, improbable, softened, precarious, wispy, friable, inaudible, timid, aspirate, directionless, unstable, spineless, acutely, second-rate, lame, affective, tripping, ineffective, debilitated, bad, diluted, affricate, ramshackle.

Examples of usage:

He thought of how strong had been his influence over other women, and how weak he had always been in Helen's hands. - "With Edge Tools", Hobart Chatfield-Taylor.

" I've been weak, Alma; I don't deny it. - "The Vertical City", Fannie Hurst.

She did not understand, and was not weak enough to ask questions. - "Lodusky", Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Similar words:

weak spot, weak-kneed, weak force, weak interaction, wean, weal, ready-to-wear, wash-and-wear, wash-and-wear fabric.

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