Synonyms for Hot:


active (adjective)
angry (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
excellent (adjective)
hot (adjective)
glowing, burning, sweltering, warm, roasting, Searing, fiery, scorching, tropical, torrid, broiling, temperate, feverish, baking, scalding.
important (adjective)
important, meaningful, fundamental, crucial, significant, central, major, serious, key, vital.
passionate, vehement (adjective)
fervent, impassioned, excited, eager, raging, distracted, ill-tempered, indignant, fervid, violent.
sensuous (adjective)
sexually excited (adjective)
passionate, lewd, carnal, sensual, salacious, lascivious.
spicy to taste (adjective)
spicy, pungent, peppery.
sultry (adjective)
very high in temperature (adjective)
heated, Searing, tropic, boiling, igneous, feverish, scorching, white, warm, sweltry, scalding, incandescent, blazing, Parching, close, tropical, stuffy, roasting, sweltering, flaming, sultry, fiery, torrid, baking, humid, febrile, blistering, sizzling, smoking, broiling, burning.


emotional, histrionic, hysterical, rave, burn with anger, impassioned, soulful, burn with fervor, rage. eventful, exhilarating, exciting, dramatic, exotic, thrilling, compelling, enthralling. febrile, hectic, pyretic, acclaimed, well-received, viral, top-rated, much loved/respected/admired/criticized etc., Febrific. able, accomplished, capable, expert, skillful, excite, gifted, transliterate, experienced. acidic, bittersweet, chocolate, brackish, flavored, chocolatey, astringent. clandestine, fraudulent, illicit, unauthorized, unlawful, improper, unconstitutional, wrongful, shady. harmful, perilous, disastrous, dangerous, ruinous, damaging, injurious, risky, hazardous, unsafe. determined, motivated, dedicated, competitive, purposeful, ambitious, insistent, persistent, driven, sedulous. intimate, romantic, obscene, animal, suggestive, vulgar, amorous, indecent. on the pull, desire, want, frisky, arouse. bang, boo-boo, bunny, bow-wow, choo-choo, cross, birdie. charmed, fortuitous, fortunate, lottery, beginner's luck, fortunately, luck, dumb luck, fortune. aroused (noun)
indignant, ill-tempered.
eager (noun)
passionate, excited, distracted.
erotic (noun)
carnal, salacious, lascivious, lewd.
hot (noun)
heated, pungent, heated up, illegal, live, close, baking hot, fresh, skilled, wanted, radioactive, calorific, calefactory, blistering, scorching, white-hot, new, sweltering, igneous, popular, eager, tropical, sultry, heating, lucky, red hot, sulphurous, unpleasant, charged, sensual, burning, baking, peppery, calorifacient, calefactive, warming, tropic, fast, scalding, raging, active, fiery, hottish, sizzling, sulfurous, het, overheated, fervid, sweltry, stifling, flaming, torrid, spicy, near, gingery, het up, good, thermal, heatable, warm, boiling, fervent, blistery, calefacient, violent, white.
sexually attractive (noun)
Hunky, seductive, Slinky, smoky, attractive.


close (verb)
stuffy, humid.
heated (verb)

Other synonyms:

luck, Febrific, ripping, charmed, acclaimed, well-received, dumb luck, fortunately, groovy, fortunate, fortune, fortuitous, dangerous, pyretic, beginner's luck, lottery, nifty. great, glorious. terrific, handsome, splendid, neat, divine. fantastic, comfortable. ardent
on fire
sexually attractive
Slinky, seductive, attractive.
Other relevant words:
great, swell, excited, heated, live, radioactive, boiling, charged, fervid, passionate, het up, fervent, sultry, spicy, ripping, blistering, nifty, flaming, dandy, hectic, peppery, febrile, pyretic, pungent.

Usage examples for hot

  1. Is there them that makes it hot for 'em when they can? – The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys by Gulielma Zollinger
  2. But it is too hot to stand here in the sun. – The Wheel O' Fortune by Louis Tracy
  3. " It's hot he said. – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various