Synonyms for Practical:


applied (adjective)
applied, functioned, Exercised, utilized, useful, utilitarian, employed, Served, used, Exerted, practiced, conducted, Operated.
experienced, proficient (adjective)
effective, accomplished.
in essence (adjective)
realistic, useful (adjective)
solid, down-to-earth, reasonable, implicit, possible, utilitarian, rational, handy, sensible, pragmatic, unromantic, sane, practicable, sound, usable, efficient, virtual, working, workable, sober, nuts and bolts, applied, serviceable, feasible, unidealistic, functional, operative.
sober (adjective)
unimaginative (adjective)
utilizable (adjective)
multipurpose, utilitarian, convenient, effective, employable, beneficial, useful, instrumental, handy, at hand, fitting, suitable, all-purpose, serviceable, helpful, appropriate, applicable, functional, practicable, advantageous, available, reusable, commodious, utilizable, effectual, usable, expedient, versatile, applied.
working (adjective)


accomplished, expert, skillful, good, experienced, gifted, capable, able, transliterate. genuine, physical, authentic, kosher, real world, apparent, true, knowledge. prosaic, ideal, hard, tough-minded, unromantic, down-to-earth, proper, suited, real, excite, apt, sober, perfect, objective, well-chosen. implicit, show, be, mature, Clear-headed, balanced, Grounded, logical. high-powered, valuable, worthwhile. matter of fact (noun)
feasible, possible, sensible, sound-thinking, sane, sound, down-to-earth, unidealistic, operative, unsentimental, solid, nuts and bolts, rational, with both feet on the ground, reasonable, unromantic, efficient, workable.
practical (noun)
applied, functional, matter of fact, useful, working, serviceable, realistic, applicative, hardheaded, applicable, operable, applicatory, practicable, pragmatical, pragmatic, hard-nosed, virtual, interoperable, unimaginative.

Other synonyms:

logical, sensible, worthwhile, unromantic, sane, tough-minded, rational, efficient, Clear-headed. ideal, valuable, operative, balanced, real, prosaic. solid. implicit, mature, sober. objective. sound. good. hard. matter of fact
matter of fact.

Usage examples for practical

  1. The mayor was a practical man; he kept close to the subject. – The Mayor's Wife by Anna Katherine Green
  2. He said to himself that he must be practical – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  3. Mr. Hegner would certainly be able to tell her the truth- he was the sort of man who knew everything of a practical business nature. – Good Old Anna by Marie Belloc Lowndes