Synonyms for Champion:


all (adjective)
best, excellent (adjective)
chief, boss, blue-ribbon, choice, premier, dandy, capital, superior, splendid, topflight, prime.
excellent (adjective)
tiptop, blue-ribbon.
successful (adjective)
successful, triumphant, accomplished, ascendant, consummate, fruitful.
superior (adjective)
best, ascendant, choice, A 1, controlling, capital, quintessential, Headmost, crowning, foremost, above, predominant, senior, most, master, furthest, superior, commanding, maximum, furthermost, uppermost, leading, better, supreme, zenith, dominant, king, chief, sovereign, paramount, chosen, signal, ruling, consummate, eminent, elite.


guardian angel, heroine, lifesaver, safeguard, precaution, shield, vanquisher, defender, protection. guardian, protect, protector, watch over, save, stand up for, keep (a) watch, backer, shelter. first-rate, prime, swell, first class, terrific, laureate, tiptop, blue-ribbon, good, great, superb, topflight, medallist, excellent, splendid, record-holder, top, dandy, topnotch, point person, brag, fine, quality, capital, bully, tophole, a-one, banner. back (noun)
stand up for.
champion (noun)
defend, booster, supporter, admirer, paladin, champ, protagonist, hero, best, friend, prizewinning, fighter, superior, title-holder.
defeater in competition; preeminent supporter (noun)
champ, guardian, backer, heroine, protector, supporter, hero, vanquisher, paladin, winner, defender, victor.
protagonist (noun)
superior (noun)
president, boss, victor, superman, exceller, superwoman, commander, prodigy, prima donna, premier, nobility, aristocracy, virtuoso, wonderwoman, champ, winner, paragon, leader, prize winner, star.


advocate, support (verb)
defend, stand up for.
competition (verb)

Other synonyms:

laureate, topflight, protector, heroine, topnotch, guardian angel, blue-ribbon, shield, a-one, precaution, tophole, safeguard, record-holder. guardian, lifesaver, defender, protection, first class, first-rate. prime, dandy, tiptop. fine, great. splendid, terrific. quality. defend
stand up for.
first class
watch over.

Usage examples for champion

  1. Yet she smiled on Douglas when she heard him express his gratitude to the champion of Scotland for the services he had done a country for which his own father had died. – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  2. Roosevelt, he added, was at all times eager and ready to champion his side. – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn
  3. How can we get him down, Mr. Champion – The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum