Synonyms for Intimate:


all (adjective)
private, Familiar.
friendly (adjective)
brotherly, sociable, amiable, companionable, affectionate, thick, congenial, amicable, close, neighborly, empathic, chummy, warmhearted, clubby, friendly, like-minded.
friendly, devoted (adjective)
bosom, comfy, chummy, clubby, confidential, faithful, cozy, roommate, loving, near, affectionate, close, warm, fast, fond.
homey (adjective)
inmost (adjective)
intrinsic (adjective)
intuitive (adjective)
loving (adjective)
desirous, admiring, infatuated, romantic, amorous, worshipful, cherishing, passionate, adoring, devoted, sentimental, endearing, fond, tender, loving, affectionate, erotic, caring, faithful, friendly.
private (adjective)
esoteric, personal, private, secret, exclusive, confidential, inward.
private, personal (adjective)
inmost, guarded, profound, experienced, innermost, special, internal, visceral, intrinsic, gut, secret, trusted.
secret (adjective)
within (adjective)


girlfriend, firm friends. clannish, arm's length, broken, tight, thick, brittle, brotherly, acquainted, love. interdependent, synonymous, interrelated, related, involved, allied, near, corresponding. shadowy, clandestine, mysterious, in strict confidence, underground, classified, secretive, attitude, surreptitious. invoke, come up, touch on, bud, note, tell of, raise, talk in terms of something, sidekick, confidante, allude to, refer to. comfy, warm, folksy, salubrious, luxurious, civilized, relaxed, comfortable. a close friend; familiar person (noun)
crony, companion, confidant, Familiar, pal, comrade, confidante, chum, mate.
close (noun)
close, fond, devoted.
friend (noun)
classmate, brother, cousin, amigo, roommate, fellow, sister, schoolmate, pal, playmate, companion, company, partner, mate, chum, crony, ally, comrade, co-worker, acquaintance, confidant, friend, buddy, Familiar, colleague, teammate.
girlfriend (noun)
intimate (noun)
cozy, adumbrate, intimate with, knowledgeable, confidant, profound, Familiar, intrinsical, bosom, experienced, knowledgeable about, friendly, insinuate, personal, intrinsic, close, informal, connected, inner, internal.
suggest (noun)
infer, study at suggest.


close (verb)
communication (verb)
adumbrate, suggest, insinuate.
hint (verb)
refer, imply, insinuate, allude, suggest, hint.
suggest; tip off (verb)
hint, allude, insinuate, infer, imply.

Other synonyms:

interdependent, sensual, sidekick, suggestive, interrelated, comfy, salubrious. corresponding, visceral, related, relaxed, civilized, confidante, synonymous, folksy, involved, indecent. allied, animal. comfortable. tight. hint
touch on.
inmost, thick.

Usage examples for intimate

  1. Her manner became more and more intimate – The Coming Conquest of England by August Niemann
  2. " He had been very intimate with him," said the father. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  3. And Helston Varne was a near relation of his old and intimate friend, Varne Coates of Baghnagar. – The Heath Hover Mystery by Bertram Mitford