Synonyms for Family:


domestic (adjective)
domestic, home, home-made, household.
kindred (adjective)
group, familial, tribal.


blood relation, elder, clansman, dependent, clanswoman, charge, black sheep, eldest, the elder. direct, close, distant, illegitimate, illegitimacy, filial, legitimate, group. colony, precede, bloodline, coterie, parentage, extraction, genealogy, seed, pedigree, the Brady Bunch, origin, ancestry, commune. generic, homely, familial, subspecies. blood relative (noun)
category (noun)
class, classification, phylum, race, style, genotype, level, rank, step, breed, feather, designation, grain, stripe, brand, make, genus, kingdom, grade, sort, form, stamp, line, persuasion, degree, series, mold, kind, strain, caste, species, people, order, variety, denomination, label, taxonomy, ilk, type, set, category, stock.
ethnic group (noun)
family (noun)
class, species, kind, issue, kin, household, pedigree, group, lineage, genus, folk, type, extraction, strain, people, parentage, clan, stock, blood, ancestry, race, classification, line, offspring.
family relationship (noun)
family tree (noun)
brother, pedigree, aunt, extraction, nephew, genealogy, line, sister, niece, uncle, lineage, ancestry, cousin.
kin, offspring; classification (noun)
folk, extraction, household, group, genealogy, kind, lineage, people, pedigree, race, strain, ancestry, issue, class, blood, clan, line, parentage.
kinship (noun)
brother, uncle, kinfolk, cousin, consanguinity, sisterhood, paternity, blood, kin, flesh, niece, relation, aunt, fatherhood, lineage, maternity, clan, mother, father, heredity, kinship, relative, fraternity, motherhood, brotherhood, sister, ancestor, nephew.
line (noun)
mankind (noun)
commonwealth, populace, public, human beings, culture, mankind, humankind, human race, citizenry, man, folk, society, community, humanity.
people (noun)
human race.
posterity (noun)
descendant, posterity, issue, fruit, child, successor, offspring.

Other synonyms:

coterie, subspecies, filial, illegitimate, illegitimacy, extraction, bloodline, familial, the Brady Bunch. commune. legitimate, generic. homely, colony. origin, distant. seed. direct. close. ancestry
pedigree, ancestry.
Other relevant words:
bloodline, filial, blood relation, parentage, clansman, domestic, group, subspecies, commune, homely, colony, generic, familial, pedigree, ancestry, distant, tribal, seed, direct, coterie, extraction, origin, genealogy.

Usage examples for Family

  1. I have heard of the Drane family and know what sort of people they are. – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton
  2. Joe saw them almost as he would have seen his family and he felt pleased because they were present. – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard