Synonyms for Carnal:


brutal (adjective)
coarse, brutal, savage, rude, barbarous, rough, gross, brutish, bestial, inhuman, ruthless, ferocious, cruel.
corporal (adjective)
corporal, corporeal, physical, bodily.
desirous (adjective)
earthy (adjective)
material, earthly, temporal, mundane, base, physical, secular, worldly, earthy.
erotic, sensual (adjective)
lecherous, corporal, licentious, corporeal, earthly, vulgar, lustful, lewd, fleshly, physical, animal, bodily, temporal, prurient, libidinous, worldly, lascivious.
fleshly (adjective)
sensual (adjective)
licentious, hedonistic, oversexed, lascivious, lecherous, Concupiscent, prurient, lustful, lewd, randy, debauched, erotic, Rutting, sensual, lusty, sex-crazed, libidinous.
sexual (adjective)
erotic, reproductive, sensual.


beastly (adverb)


romantic, indecent, suggestive, amorous, intimate, vulgar, obscene. body. carnal (noun)
physical, animal, sensual, bodily, fleshly.

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Usage examples for carnal

  1. I pray thee, said the Carnal Tell me before thou go, Was not the mother of Jesus Conceived by the Holy Ghost? – In The Yule-Log Glow, Vol. IV (of IV) by Harrison S. Morris
  2. Gregory lay like a magician in the fortress of Canossa: but he had no need of carnal weapons, for when the emperor reached the Alps he was almost alone. – The Emancipation of Massachusetts by Brooks Adams